Nozomi taps top cyber incident firms to offer strongest possible solutions

Edgard Capdevielle, Chief Executive Officer, Nozomi Networks
Edgard Capdevielle, Chief Executive Officer at Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks Inc. announced Accenture Security, IBM Security and Mandiant (part of Google Cloud) are participants in its Elite Cyber Defenders Program. The program enables global incident response companies with Nozomi Networks’ OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions, advanced security training, shared threat intelligence and joint security research.

What is the mission behind the program?

This tech-led initiative provides global industrial and govt clients with access to the strongest possible cybersecurity defence tools, expert-trained incident response teams, and cutting-edge threat intelligence curated specifically for operational technology environments.

A recent World Economic Forum survey finds the cybersecurity skills gap has grown wider in the last 12 months. 59% of the businesses surveyed acknowledge skills shortages would make it difficult to respond to a cybersecurity incident. And a report from (ISC)² finds eight in ten organisations have suffered at least one breach caused by a lack of cybersecurity skills.

Meanwhile, industrial environments are rapidly transforming, creating new security challenges that attackers are actively exploiting. Attacks on manufacturing and energy represented over 35% of all attacks observed in 2022 according to IBM’s 2023 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. Manufacturing remained the top attacked industry for a second year in a row.

Elite Cyber Defenders can provide resources to respond to cyber incidents amidst these skills shortages. This tech-led, collaborative initiative provides critical infrastructure clients with access to superior cybersecurity defence tools, expert-trained field resources, and industry-leading OT threat intelligence curated specifically for operational technology environments.

What does the program mean for Nozomi?

Commenting on the solution, Nozomi Networks Chief Executive Officer Edgard Capdevielle, said, “When it comes to protecting critical infrastructure in the face of an attack, accurate and timely information, full system visibility and expert response can make the difference in minutes or hours, vs. days, weeks or months of system downtime and remediation.”

“The program brings the industry’s most purpose-built detection tech, threat intelligence and incident response teams together for the best possible defence, without compromise.”

Nozomi Networks Elite Cyber Defenders staff over 250 certified Nozomi Networks experts on their global OT incident response teams and utilize Nozomi Networks’ solutions for in-depth forensic analysis, proactive OT assessments and rapid response capabilities for clients.

What do the partners bring to the program?

In addition, Elite Cyber Defenders are also committed to working with Nozomi Networks Labs on shared threat intelligence and joint security research focused on identifying novel malware and new TTPs employed by threat actors. Each participant in the program will offer custom-designed incident response and assessment programs for the joint customers.

The establishment of this program reinforces Nozomi Networks’ commitment to industry collaboration, superior service and useful tools to clients across their OT/IoT/IT networks.

Accenture Security

“The heightened geopolitical landscape is fuelling a resurgence of cyberattacks from groups who are more structured and destructive – and targeting high value critical infrastructure. Having more certified Nozomi Networks engineers than anyone coupled with the Elite Cyber Defenders program will address a critical need as our clients look to manage these cyber risks,” commented Jim Guinn, Global Cyber Industry (including OT/IoT) Lead at Accenture.

“Combined with our deep OT incident response services that are integrated into our Managed Extended Detection and Response capability means we can immediately help organisations proactively strengthen their overall cyber resilience,” Jim Guinn further commented.

Accenture Security collaborates with the brightest minds in cybersecurity to build cyber resilience for the world’s leading organisations. Accenture Security Industry solutions help organisations with a better cybersecurity strategy through advanced technologies.

IBM Security

“Critical infrastructure organizations are at the eye of the storm when it comes to cyberattacks. The potential for immediate impact across society due to a security incident on industrial systems, makes it all the more important that the security industry works together on incident response readiness,” said Charles Henderson, Head of IBM Security X-Force.

“By integrating X-Force’s OT Incident Response expertise with Nozomi Networks’ market leading OT Security capabilities, we’re doing just that – arming our defenders with tech built to enhance speed, visibility and efficiency to act in their response and recovery for clients.”

The Elite Cyber Defenders program will bring together IBM’s incident response capabilities and expertise and Nozomi Networks’ deep OT/IoT experience from the process automation field and thorough knowledge to support organisations. With the Elite Cyber Defenders Program, participating members will aim to further enhance their collaboration in areas such as incident response, research and threat intelligence sharing on cloud, IT, OT and Internet-of-Things.

Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)

Charles Carmakal, Chief Technology Officer at Mandiant Consulting
Charles Carmakal, Chief Technology Officer at Mandiant Consulting

“Mandiant is excited to partner with Nozomi Networks to provide our customers with a comprehensive incident response solution. Nozomi Networks’ network visibility platform provides critical context for Mandiant’s incident response experts, helping them to quickly identify and contain threats. This partnership will help our customers to better protect their critical infrastructure from cyber attacks,” said Charles Carmakal, CTO, Mandiant Consulting.

Mandiant is recognised by enterprises, governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide as a market leader in threat intelligence and expertise gained on the frontlines of cyber security. Mandiant scales its intelligence and expertise through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform to deliver current intelligence, automation of alert investigation and prioritisation and validation of security controls products from Nozomi Networks and others.