Nominations for SolarWinds IT Pro Day 2022 Awards now officially open

Chrystal Taylor, Head Geek at SolarWinds

Nominations for the IT Pro Day 2022 Awards are open online at Created by SolarWinds, a provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software, the event recognises the often unseen work IT pros do to keep our computer networks functional.

Why are IT Pros essential to the company?

Though computer systems have become necessary for every modern firm to function, the IT teams who ensure email, websites, and apps run smoothly can often be overlooked (of course, until there’s a problem!). As firms embrace new cloud and AI tech as part of their digital transformation strategies, our dependency on IT teams and roles has become more significant. At the same time, workplace trends like remote work have become the norm.

“The job of an IT pro has gotten extremely difficult, but most of their colleagues in non-tech roles have no idea. IT Pro Day was created to honour the work IT teams do every day to ensure you can do your job. There are national days recognising administrative professionals, zookeepers, thermal engineers, interns, and more—so it’s only natural to honour the people who make it possible for the rest of the firm to function,” said Head Geek Chrystal Taylor.

What are the headlining categories?

IT Pro Day is celebrated on the third Tuesday of each September and was established in 2015 to honour the IT pros. The annual awards program recognises technology professionals—at any level—who have demonstrated excellence in their profession. Nominations for the IT Pro Day Awards are open to IT professionals around the world and across several categories:

Rookie of the Year

We all start somewhere—and we want to pay special attention to the rising stars of the IT department. This award recognises an IT pro new to the profession making an immediate impact, whether by developing new skills (technical or otherwise), contributing to the success of a challenging project, or driving measurable results for the business.

Rockstar of the Year

This award honours an IT pro or team who has gone above and beyond the typical IT call of duty. They may have managed/executed on a shoestring budget, took on a challenging request or led a project that generated tangible business results, picked up extra shifts in response to strained staffing resources during the height of the pandemic, or committed their free time to upskilling to have a transformational impact on their organisation.

IT Mentor of the Year

This award recognises a seasoned IT pro who has supported and empowered others in the organisation to be successful by sharing their experience with their team(s). This person regularly leads by example, helps foster growth and development, and has shown sustained commitment to the advancement of their organisation through technology.


What makes IT so crucial to modern companies is the transformative impact new, innovative strategies and technologies can deliver. This award recognises an individual or team who has experimented with or implemented something new and out of their comfort zone.

Did this person conceptualise the rollout of a DevOps approach, test automation, or begin exploring the role of data-driven operations in the data centre? Highlight why their work qualifies as “unprecedented” and its potential measurable outcomes.

Everyone is encouraged to nominate their peers, colleagues, and friends in the industry for the IT Pro Day Awards between now and September 2, 2022. The IT Pro Day Awards winners will be announced on September 20. Please visit to learn more.