Generative AI company NinjaTech AI closes $5 million seed funding round

Babak Pahlavan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of NinjaTech AI
Babak Pahlavan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of NinjaTech AI

AI experts formerly from Google, Meta and Amazon Web Services announced the formation of NinjaTech AI, a generative AI company building the first true next-generation personal assistant since Siri. Powered by proprietary large language models, decision engines and generative AI, NinjaTech will bring to life artificial intelligence agents as a TaskGPT for working professionals to get day-to-day administrative tasks done efficiently and cost effectively.

The company also announced it closed a $5m seed round from investors, including SRI International – the venture arm of the independent non-profit research institute that developed the tech behind Siri – Candou Ventures, DCVC, Laszlo Bock and more.

What is the market offering of NinjaTech AI?

The NinjaTech team is co-founded by Babak Pahlavan who built personal assistant company Clever Sense, which was acquired by Google in 2011, where he ended up working for over 11 years, the other is Sam Naghshineh, a prominent AI leader at Meta for five years who also had established and sold Decasense, an AI-powered video intelligence company.

Today’s working professionals are overwhelmed with recurring administrative tasks – in fact, managers spend over 25 hours a week on tasks. Executive assistants help alleviate this pain, but are costly and only available to 2% of the workforce, generally senior executives.

The recent influx of productivity tools has only exacerbated the problem, forcing employees to navigate apps to get tasks done. With the recent explosion of ChatGPT plug-ins, we’ll likely see this fragmentation accelerate even further. With NinjaTech, professionals will get hours back to be more productive at work, and focus on core jobs instead of administrative tasks.

“Our next-gen conversational AI platform leverages our custom large language models, along with proprietary decision engines, enabling the creation of the first scalable and affordable AI-powered executive assistant,” said Babak Pahlavan, CEO and Founder at NinjaTech AI.

“With SRI’s help, we believe that for the first time it’s now possible to start interacting with computers conversationally, just like how we interact with people, and ask for their assistance to get things done. NinjaTech’s mission in democratizing access to EAs, is to be the last productivity app ever needed at work,” Babak Pahlavan further commented.

What are the investor’s thoughts on NinjaTech?

“SRI has long been on the leading edge of innovations that increase productivity, improve the workplace, and make it easier for individuals to work with and alongside technology,” commented Todd Stavish, Vice President of SRI Ventures at SRI International.

Todd Stavish, Vice President of SRI Ventures
Todd Stavish, Vice President of SRI Ventures

“By leveraging SRI’s deep technical insights across generative AI and reinforcement learning, coupled with Ninja’s founding team’s product expertise, Ninja is able to turn conversations into tasks, saving multiple hours per week for every working professional around the world. We’re thrilled to work with and support this highly accomplished and experienced team.”

NinjaTech is moving from ChatGPT to TaskGPT – a goal-oriented artificial intelligence (AI) system that focuses on getting admin tasks done for users. Whether a user is on their cell phone in their car or their laptop in the office, Ninja will be able to schedule their meetings, order their lunch and generate content through email, voice, Slack chat and text, 24/7.

The company is accelerating its growth and has already tripled in size since February 2023. The product is currently in Alpha stage and will open its Beta program later in 2023.

Those interested can join the waitlist here.