NielsenIQ acquires retail artificial intelligence platform provider ciValue

David Johnson, President Global Retail, NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ announced they have acquired ciValue, a SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor of choice for retailers globally that powers loyalty programs with advanced AI technology.

With the acquisition of ciValue, NielsenIQ’s Retail Media vertical takes its next steps towards enabling smarter, more automated and more scalable retail media programs.

NielsenIQ’s integration with ciValue, a market changer

Integrating ciValue’s global platform assets into NielsenIQ’s powerful Connect platform will provide innovative capabilities for retailers, including audience building and insights.

This dynamic platform will also support personalization capabilities that are incremental to NielsenIQ’s core capabilities, which the retail industry relies on for critical decision making.

“Integrating the ciValue platform with Connect is a game changer for retailers globally. This SaaS-based collaborative solution will promptly deliver insights that align retailers and their brand partners with what consumers want, executing personalized content across physical and digital channels,” says Xavier Facon, Global Head of Retail Media with NielsenIQ.

NielsenIQ dynamic platform to raise revenue streams

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, retailers require solutions that will allow them to easily analyze consumer data. NielsenIQ and ciValue’s solutions will enable retailers to gain insights, work smarter and to accelerate business opportunities to meet preset goals.

By creating engagements that matter for retailers, brands and their markets, customers who leverage the Connect platform can achieve new revenue streams, sales growth, and increase share of wallet through customer-centric merchandising and marketing.

“NielsenIQ is a long-time investor and partner of ciValue and their dedication to making retail a win-win-win world was always apparent,” said Beni Basel, ciValue CEO & Founder.

“Joining NielsenIQ enables ciValue to expand its retail intelligence offering to more retailers, brands, and allows us to further grow data-driven decisions to satisfy customers worldwide.”

“We are excited that ciValue is joining NielsenIQ to continue to build and support the best AI powered tools for retailers globally,” says David Johnson, President Global Retail, NielsenIQ.

“The integrated platform will support groundbreaking personalization activities for the global retail industry to meet the demand for fast and reliable client analytics and personalization.”