New virtual exhibition technology changing face of the events industry

As the coronavirus pandemic cancels physical events around the world, Australian companies are being urged to adopt a new online solution that allows exhibition attendees to “visit” booths, join conferences and meet with potential business partners.

EventXtra, a tech start-up based in Hong Kong, launched a new solution to move large scale offline events online earlier this year and has seen a 300% growth in revenue with strong interest from the Australian market.

Co-founders of EventXtra Sum Wong and Angus Luk, who made the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia Enterprise List for 2020, are well-known throughout Asia for their entrepreneurship and influence on the event industry.

New virtual exhibition technology changing face of the events industry
Angus Luk (left) and Sum Wong (right)

“For the past few months, we have received inquiries from 30 to 40 companies every day,” said Mr Wong.

“During this global pandemic, the event industry has taken one of the hardest hits. In response to this, our company has launched this new solution, turning a crisis into an opportunity.”

How does this new solution work?

EventXtra’s “Virtual Exhibition” provides event organisers and participants with a one-stop event management software solution, including coordination, registration, payment and data analysis of event traffic.

The company has already organised thousands of events offline for clients, including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Yahoo.

“There have been concerns that virtual events may be less interactive. However, our new solution manages to keep the networking elements and emphasis on communication just like you would in person,” said Mr Wong.

“EventXtra has created an online atmosphere that encourages attendees to strike up private conversations and even exchange digital business cards.”

New virtual exhibition technology changing face of the events industry

He said they also work with companies to set up 3D booths in the virtual environment, allowing clients to display all the materials and resources they want to show to their visitors.

“According to research, event software in Asia alone is worth over USD1Billion in annual spending, and it’s the fastest growing region in the world.

Our goal is to ride on this wave and become the top player in the region to serve as many organisers as possible, and are now focused on securing the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

The EventXtra Virtual Exhibition site is now open so the general public and event organisers can experience it personally here, and are offering incentives such as complimentary inclusions for those planning to host events through the new Virtual Exhibition product.