New start-up helps retailers tackle climate change – Future Neutral

New start-up helps retailers tackle climate change - Future Neutral

Future Neutral, a new Australian start-up, gives retailers the same opportunity that airlines have been offering for years – the ability for customers to add carbon offset at checkout.

Future Neutral will provide retailers with a free custom integration – with no ongoing cost – that allows shoppers to make a contribution to offset their carbon footprint when they buy goods and services.

The company takes care of the complexity of the offsets, having partnered with Australian NFP Greenfleet locally and UN-certified projects globally.

For customers, it’s as easy as a simple click when checking out: they choose to pay a contribution, calculated at 3 percent of the cost of their purchases. Customers are already showing strong engagement, with conversion rates being as high as 21 percent.

“We had customers using the extension literally within 30 minutes of going live, and love seeing the engagement on social media,” says co-founder of Floraly, Alec Ramsey.

What spurred this startup?

The founders of Future Neutral, brothers Benjamin and Oliver Ranck, are Australian entrepreneurs who were increasingly frustrated with the difficulty and complexity of taking climate action and understanding carbon offsets.

They recognised an opportunity to make it simple for Australian shoppers to play a role in addressing climate change both painlessly and at relatively little expense.

If only 10% of shoppers participated, they would be able to fund over $634 million worth of high-quality offset projects per year.

“There are millions of Australians who suffer from apathetic agreement – we know climate change is a problem, but we don’t know what to do about it,” explains Oliver Ranck. “Our solution gives both retailers and their customers an easy way to participate in reducing their carbon footprint.”

During the last eight years, customers have become increasingly concerned about climate change (PEW 2019) with 81 percent feeling strongly that companies should help improve the environment (Nielsen, 2019).

Apple and Microsoft have both recently announced ambitious climate action plans and now businesses of any size can easily get involved by using Future Neutral.