New Relic strengthens its partner ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region

New Relic, the global all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced that it has strengthened its partner ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region through enhanced co-branded marketing, onboarding and enablement programs catered to individual partner needs. It has also elevated an existing partner, SoftwareONE, to Platinum Partner status.

What are the enhancements of New Relic’s program?

New enhancements include additional support from regional partner managers and engineers, and PartnerCast, a new monthly webinar that provides partners in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) with relevant and regular product innovations and new sales and marketing assets.

Over the last year, New Relic’s Asia Pacific partner ecosystem has gained momentum through deeper partner reach. After exceeding annual consumption revenue targets and meeting all sales and technical accreditations, New Relic has named SoftwareONE a Platinum Partner.

As a New Relic Platinum Partner, SoftwareONE is entitled to priority access to solution delivery, architects and programs; eligible for marketing development fund (MDF) programs; and New Relic executive alignment among other benefits. In addition, New Relic signed a regional partnership with SoftwareONE that covers India, ASEAN, Hong Kong, and Australia as well as New Zealand–the first deal of its kind in the Asia Pacific region for New Relic.

Other key partner achievements across the region include:

  • Zoos Global (India) has embarked on co-branded, demand generation activities such as exhibiting at New Relic’s FutureStack India event. Zoos Global also received the New Relic Partner of the Year award at New Relic’s 2022 Sales Kickoff and was promoted to Platinum Partner status in the same year.
  • JDS, New Relic’s key partner in Australia and New Zealand, was promoted to Gold Partner status and has launched co-branded, demand generation marketing outreach programs.
  • MEGAZONECLOUD was awarded the Korea Partner of the Year 2022. New Relic and MEGAZONECLOUD will collaborate on activities such as C-level roundtables to maintain momentum and develop sales pipeline. They also participated in New Relic’s FutureStack South Korea event.

What is the New Relic Partner Program?

The New Relic Partner Program provides training and accreditation programs, marketing campaigns, joint marketing event support, personnel support, sales tools and resources to provide their own customers with industry-leading observability from New Relic.

According to New Relic’s 2022 Observability Forecast, most organisations expect to have robust observability practices in place by 2025, with multi-cloud migration cited as one of the most common trends driving the need for observability (42% of the respondents).

New Relic helps clients accelerate their cloud adoption and multi-cloud journeys. They provide a complete view of the entire application stack, including the underlying cloud infrastructure, app code, and user experience, allowing clients to identify and troubleshoot performance issues, optimise multi-cloud resources and ensure that their apps are running smoothly.

The program enhancements come after the general availability of the Azure Native New Relic Service in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, supporting enterprises in accelerating their cloud migration and multi-cloud initiatives. Azure clients can subscribe to the New Relic service to collect telemetry data for apps and infrastructure and store that telemetry data in Azure.

The move builds on more than a decade of innovation between New Relic and Microsoft to give developers the tools they need to create better software. New Relic also continues to invest in its global technology partner ecosystem by offering integrations with 530+ cloud services, open-source tools, and enterprise technologies to empower every engineer with a data-driven approach to creating great software and to start with observability in minutes.

Recent quickstart contributions have been added to the catalogue from popular developer tools such as Atlassian, Amazon Web Services, CircleCI, Confluent, Jenkins, JFrog, and Snyk.

What does the partner program mean for New Relic?

Stewart Cochrane, Senior Director, Alliances & Channels for APJ at New Relic
Stewart Cochrane, Senior Director, Alliances & Channels for APJ at New Relic

“Observability is vital for today’s modern firms, but there is still a learning curve and a need to get buy-in from senior management. Therefore, strong partnerships and collaboration are vital to educating senior leaders about the benefits of comprehensive observability capabilities,” said New Relic APJ Senior Director, Alliances & Channels, Stewart Cochrane.

“With the pace of growth in the region, firms need trusted partners to ensure they can grow and scale securely and sustainably, continuously enhancing end customer experiences.”

To learn more about New Relic’s Partner Program please visit the website.