New eco-friendly razor launched by Bulldog Skincare For Men in June

New eco-friendly razor launched by Bulldog Skincare For Men in June

When it comes to the shaving industry, millions have been spent building a sharper razor. Most blades are now sharp enough. But do they look good? And what’s their environmental impact?

The global experts in men’s skincare, Bulldog Skincare For Men, has announced the Australian launch of its Original Bamboo Razor, proving there is more to the perfect shave.

The five tempered steel blades and flexible head provide everything you need for a close and comfortable shave. What sets the Original Bamboo Razor apart from the rest is the focus on lowering its environmental impact.

From the natural bamboo handle, to the un-chromed metal components and fully recycled packaging, the Original Bamboo Razor provides a great shave that doesn’t cost the world.

One razor, one set of blades, with a focus on the environment. 

Original Bamboo Razor + 2 blades RRP $18.00 | Original Steel Blades 4pk RRP $18.00

Available from Woolworths supermarkets nationwide from June 2020

Why use Bamboo in particular?

Here at Bulldog, we use Bamboo to make our unique razor handle. There are so many reasons why we decided to use bamboo as a material, it’s a bit of a wonder wood really.

Known as tortoise-shell bamboo (or Phyllostachys edulis for all you botanists or Latin lovers out there) it’s a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan.

It’s the fastest growing plant in the world (the Usain Bolt of the forest), it grows to its final length of up to 20 meters within a couple of months, reaching a top speed of up to a meter a day during growing season.

The stem of the tree takes around two to three years to reach maturity and acquire the excellent characteristics, such as hardness, strength, dimensional stability, which make bamboo such a popular choice for all sorts of products.

Just one bamboo plant can consist of several “poles” and new shoots will grow from the main, or mother, plant every year. Around 20 – 25% of these poles can be harvested in a sustainable bamboo forest each year.

The bamboo plant does not die after harvesting (unlike other trees) which helps to prevent deforestation in conjunction with considerate farming. On the contrary, by harvesting the mature plants, the yield and quality of the plantation actually increases.

The bamboo we use in our Original Bamboo Razor grows on the mountains around the area of Fujian. This is an area where a vast quality of bamboo grows.

We’re loving seeing more and more, formally plastic products crop up (excuse the pun) as bamboo alternatives. From dish washers, toothbrushes to our new Original Bamboo Razor. 

It’s all part of our commitment to reducing plastic and work towards a better informed and more sustainable future.