New community-minded social media platform AppZaloot set to revitalise local businesses in Australia

Following a challenging year for many small businesses across Australia, AppZaloot founder Max Thomas is eager to give back to the community by offering free advertising for businesses nationwide on the recently launched social media platform.

After successful testing in local and international markets, AppZaloot has recently released its app to the Australian public.

What is AppZaloot’s offering the Australian public?

As well as offering users a new way of connecting with friends, influencers and their community, AppZaloot was designed for merchants with a unique local advertising system.

Unlike other social media platforms that are designed to provide generalised information, AppZaloot focuses on the need for localised information surrounding the user.

The platform has information on venues, places or events within a user-specified area on a map, which allows users to find photos, reviews, open times, costs, directions and more.

This feature offers significant benefits to businesses, who can advertise on AppZaloot and gain exposure among the platform’s user base within a specific radius based on geo-location.

The localised nature of the platform helps users find out about businesses within their radius and importantly, continue to support local organisations in the pandemic recovery effort.

Stakeholder commentary on AppZaloot’s launch

“After positive feedback from overseas users, I’m delighted to announce the launch of AppZaloot in Australia. Our goal is to connect and empower communities on a global scale, and raise the bar on corporate social responsibility,” said AppZaloot founder Max Thomas.

“We’ve had a hard year, and the economic impacts of COVID-19 are still being felt by many businesses throughout Australia.”

“We hope that by offering free local advertising for AppZaloot merchants, small businesses can continue focusing on recovery and users can discover new places in their area.”

Angela, the proprietor of VAULT restaurant and bar in Yarraville, uses AppZaloot for her small business and is enjoying the sense of community the platform is helping to foster.

“Since I started using AppZaloot to promote my venue, I’m now able to communicate with people in my local area, even if they didn’t know I was here.”

“It’s a great way to reach out to locals and visitors alike and let them know about our specials and entertainment. I also love the fact that it’s free at the moment. As a small business, we all need any help we can get!” Angela continued.

With the aim of providing users with a more focused and community-minded social media experience, AppZaloot presents essential information in three dedicated feeds: friends, local networks and global networks, including companies and influencers.

The app addresses a common pain point for social media users by only including advertising in a dedicated section of the app that the user can choose to access, rather than incorporating sponsored content in social feeds like other platforms.

In addition to its unique functionality, AppZaloot will donate a percentage of all revenue to community funds arranged by postcode or area.

In future iterations of the app, local members will be able to create and vote on useful community projects for which the funds can be used. Once a project has been verified, the funds will be released to support the most popular option.

Furthermore, emergency departments and local councils can use the app as a free channel for specific information distribution, including severe weather alerts, major road accidents, community alert announcements (such as a missing child), and more.

Based on geo-location, alerts will be automatic to those in the affected area and available wherever the user travels around the world, marking a world-first that gives users peace of mind without needing to download multiple apps specific to certain locations.

Key features of AppZaloot

  • Dedicated separate feeds for different social interactions (friends, local and global),
  • A dedicated location-based local advertising feed,
  • User cashback and referral system,
  • A location-based alert system for use by emergency departments and local councils,
  • Community program initiatives,
  • User-driven data social responsibility.