New CivVic program will connect government with startup innovation

Dr Kate Cornick, Chief Executive Officer at LaunchVic

LaunchVic, Victoria’s startup agency, has reinvigorated its CivVic program to equip more startups with the know-how to work with the government as a customer.

The changes include a Government Liaison Service (GLS) for established startups to help them navigate procurement processes and develop valuable networks within Government.

LaunchVic introduced a six-week pre-accelerator for debut startups where they work with the government to solve public sector threats and pitch for funding to bring their ideas to life.

Participants have an opportunity to create solutions to real challenges in public safety, circular economy and transport, with the support of mentor networks and business workshops.

The motive behind CivVic’s re-advent

LaunchVic CEO Dr. Kate Cornick said the program had been refreshed to ensure that more startups had the opportunity to interact and benefit from working with the Government.

“CivVic is a successful program, enabling startups to work closely with the government.”

“But now we want to ensure that startups across the lifecycle, from the very earliest stages right through to scaleups receive tailored support in their interactions with the government.”

Jaala Pulford, the Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy said procurement was a crucial lever government can pull to fuel startup growth.

“The Victorian Government is focused on making procurement pathways easier for local businesses including startups to drive economic growth and ensure local jobs.”