Head of Infrastructure Australia named CEO of Engineers Australia

Romilly Madew AO, Chief Executive Officer at Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is delighted to announce Romilly Madew AO as the new CEO of Engineers Australia, following the retirement of Dr Bronwyn Evans in May. Ms Madew was appointed CEO of Infrastructure Australia in early 2019 and had to oversee Infrastructure Australia’s critical role in helping gov’ts prioritise projects and reforms that best serve our communities.

Why did Ms Madew stand out?

Before joining Infrastructure Australia, Ms Madew was CEO of Green Building Council of Australia for 13 years. In acknowledgment of her contribution to Australia’s sustainable building movement, Ms Madew was awarded an Order of Australia in 2019.

Ms Madew is a Member of Placemaking NSW Advisory Committee and Independent Chair of the Currawong State Park Advisory Board (NSW). She was recently on the Expert Advisory Panel for the CSIRO Report on Climate and Disaster Resilience and a Commissioner for the Northern Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission. She has held Board positions with the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council and Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Engineers Australia National President Dr Nick Fleming said Ms Madew was chosen after an extensive executive search that spanned the engineering sector and industry.

“Romilly comes to us as a recognised CEO and advocate for change in the property and construction sector.  Her visionary leadership will enhance our strong legacy of advancing society through great engineering, sound strategy and investment,” Dr Fleming said.

She has sat on numerous Federal Government panels including the Cities Reference Group, National Sustainability Council, Climate Futures Independent Expert Group, and the National Urban Policy Forum and is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and Technology, Honorary Fellow, Planning Institute of Australia and Life Fellow GBCA.

What are Ms Madew’s thoughts on her appointment?

Ms Madew said that she looked forward to once again working with a firm dedicated to shaping a sustainable world. “Over the last two decades I have worked with Engineers Australia and have recognised the engineering profession as the nation’s problem-solvers.”

“Engineers Australia’s vision align with the values I’ve pursued throughout my career: to listen to a wide range of voices, to engage with members to gain consensus, to build strong teams and partnerships, and to achieve on-the-ground real-world impact,” she concluded. Engineers Australia COO Michael Luddeni will act as CEO until Ms Madew commences on August 1.