NetApp launches new program to address the complex demands of today’s flash and cloud customers

NetApp®, a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, has launched its Partner Sphere Partner Program. This program solidifies NetApp’s commitment to driving a partner-first culture that creates an ecosystem of innovation to capture greater market share by growing flash revenue, accelerating cloud adoption, and leveraging partner-led solutions and services.

What is the market offering of NetApp’s Partner Sphere?

NetApp’s Partner Sphere program provides a unified engagement model where partners can move seamlessly between sell-to, sell-through, and sell-with sales motions that help accelerate their revenue by driving customer-based outcomes and outpacing competition.

NetApp believes that partner-led services are a distinguishing element of Partner Sphere. The program offers 11 Services Certified tracks and 19 Solution Competencies aligned to 3 key focus areas that enable partners to expand their services and become trusted advisors to clients–unlocking greater value, and accelerating growth through service engagements.

NetApp further works with its partners to drive customer success, bolster its reach in the market, and help expand future business opportunities through product enhancements.

Commenting on the program, Jenni Flinders, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partner Organization at NetApp, said, “We view partnership as a power play and, with the Partner Sphere Program, NetApp is redefining how we work with partners to create real competitive advantage and drive appreciable business outcomes for both our partners and our clients.”

Jenni Flinders, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partner Organization at NetApp
Jenni Flinders, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partner Organization at NetApp

“Our engagement models and tiering system incentivize and accelerate our partners’ reach in flash and cloud with reciprocal value that increases as partners move up program tiers.”

What does the program mean for partners?

Commenting on the program, Gary Chen, General Manager at HwaCom Systems, Inc., said, “We were so confident in NetApp that we became one of its pioneering partners even before the company’s Taiwan office opened and never looked back. Together for 30 years, HwaCom and NetApp have evolved and grown, and we remain one of Taiwan’s largest partners.”

“We look forward to optimizing Partner Sphere’s updates to increase innovation and drive growth with customer solutions that create competitive advantage in a challenging market.”

“WWT is excited to be a NetApp Prestige Partner within the new Partner Sphere program,” said Bob Olwig, Executive Vice President of Global Partner Alliance at World Wide Technology.

“NetApp’s transformation to a unique solution competency-led program demonstrates their commitment to providing customer-focused outcomes. It aligns extremely well with World Wide Technology’s engagement approach to provide best-of-breed solutions and services offerings, holistically focused on data management simplicity and security,” Olwig added.

Matt Collins, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Insight
Matt Collins, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Insight

“The NetApp team managing the relationship with Insight, and the entire Worldwide Partner Organization, defines the meaning of partner. With a keen understanding of Insight’s business objectives and priorities, the NetApp Partner team continuously strives to improve relevance, develop internal and external relationships, and create joint offerings with Insight to meet the needs of our customers,” said Matt Collins, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Insight.

“In addition, together, we share a constant desire to “lean in” to emerging technologies that offer a unique and differentiated view; from as-a-service, to integrated multi-hybrid cloud first, to leveraging AI across the industry landscape, the desire to create and execute campaigns to raise awareness and deliver projects is a constant that cannot be overstated.”

“Eviden is delighted to join Partner Sphere and bring increased value to our customers through our collaborations with NetApp. Using NetApp solutions, Eviden already delivers industry leading application management solutions to the market, including the highly scalable BullSequana SH enterprise servers and AFF storage,” commented Nicolas Rouby, Global Alliance Manager, Artificial Intelligence and Business computing at Eviden an Atos company.

“We also use up to 260 NetApp storage nodes in our Google Cloud Bare Metal solution in more than 2000 deployed BullSequana S servers,” Nicolas Rouby further commented.