Netapp and VMware partner to help customers migrate to the multi-cloud

George Kurian, Chief Executive Officer at NetApp

NetApp, a cloud-led, data-centric software company and VMware, recently announced the expansion of the companies’ longstanding alliance. Through innovative solutions and go-to-market initiatives, NetApp and VMware are helping customers reduce the cost, complexity and risk of migrating and modernizing enterprise-class workloads in multi-cloud environments.

In addition, organizations can accelerate the performance of both traditional and modern apps, and simplify daily operations through new integrations between VMware and NetApp data management infrastructure.The NetApp and VMware alliance is built on the foundation of shared experience supporting twenty thousand mutual customers over more than 20yrs.

NetApp is a consistent VMware strategic design partner for current and future VMware Cloud offerings including VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation and several VMware Cross-Cloud services. NetApp and VMware are helping customers to effectively manage, share and protect their hybrid and multi-cloud environments by collaborating on customer-driven co-engineering to offer innovative solutions across an ever-changing technology landscape.

What are the executives’ thoughts in the partnership?

“Customers today are faced with complex challenges to optimize their current IT investments while laying a path forward to modernize their business,” said George Kurian, CEO, NetApp. “Together, NetApp and VMware have helped thousands of customers solve their multi-cloud challenges by effectively managing their enterprise workloads in any environment,” he added.

“By delivering powerful new solutions that help companies optimize their virtual data centers, modernize their apps, and provide cost-efficient, enterprise-class data management services to VMware Cloud, we can meet customers anywhere they are on their cloud journey. At this stage it’s clear, Multi-cloud is the model we are going to rely on for many years to come,” he added.

“It is the de facto operating model for the digital era, giving customers the freedom required to build, deploy, and manage apps in the way that best suits their business requirements,” said Raghu Raghuram, CEO, VMware. “Together, the partners offer businesses the multi-cloud flexibility and the choice needed to leverage the best innovations in any cloud environment.”

How is the partnership empowering the Multi-Cloud Era?

The new modern Apps powering this digital age needs an innovative approach to enterprise workload and data mgt infrastructure. Organizations are turning to the public cloud to simplify their business initiatives and flexibility and choice across all multiple public cloud providers.

These organizations need new, and integrated platforms that can manage both enterprise and modern apps while efficiently utilizing existing resources. The renewed partnership addresses these challenges through focusing on three major and important customer-driven initiatives:

How will Multi-Cloud migration become seamless?

NetApp and VMware are currently innovating across the world’s three largest public cloud providers to certify VMware Cloud and NetApp Cloud Services. This helps customers using VMware utilizing NetApp/non-NetApp storage environments on-premises to seamlessly migrate, protect data-demanding enterprise workloads to the cloud with reduced cost and risk.

Customers can now right-size their cloud compute and storage architectures to reduce and control the costs of running data-demanding workloads in the cloud at scale, while also avoiding the costs of refactoring applications from on-premises into the cloud environment.

The partners have taken their experience in managing enterprise workloads in the data center to deliver an integrated and supported solutions that bring these benefits to customers leveraging the public cloud, all built on a trusted workload and data management foundation.

How to accelerate modernized apps using Kubernetes

VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu allows IT to manage virtual machines and orchestrate containers from one unified platform. VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud Foundation support the use of NetApp ONTAP-based storage arrays, providing customers the ability to seamlessly build out a flexible data fabric for traditional VMs and modern, containerized applications too.

For Kubernetes workloads, NetApp is a design partner with VMware Tanzu container-native storage integrating Astra Control with VMware Tanzu for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) deployments. Customers can now simplify and accelerate new modern app development & deployment alongside traditional virtualized workloads using enterprise-scale, high-performance & protected solutions that are jointly validated, developed & supported.

How to optimize the data center with modernized infrastructure

Organizations today require an efficient, cost-effective workload & data mgt platform to optimize existing resources. NetApp is a VMware co-design partner with vSphere & vVols for expanded support of the key tech from both NetApp file & block storage platforms too.

This includes new certification to enable the use of vVols with NVMe-oF to allow enhanced block storage flash performance and more granular VM storage mgt over multiple types of network transports from FC, ethernet, & standard TCP/IP networks & a few other networks .

With new integration to enhance the security of running virtualized workloads across NFS 4.1 environments. Customers can unlock more performance for traditional workloads using existing infrastructure investments while simplifying IT operations through joint solutions.