Data-centric software firm NetApp closes the acquisition of Instaclustr

George Kurian, CEO at NetApp
George Kurian, Chief Executive Officer at NetApp

NetApp®, a data-centric software firm, announced it has completed its acquisition of Instaclustr, a platform provider of fully managed open-source database, pipeline and workflow apps delivered as a service. The deal builds on a series of strategic acquisitions made by NetApp to deliver a broad suite of offerings for Cloud Operations (CloudOps).

What is NetApp’s market offering?

Cloud Operations (CloudOps) is the set of activities, tools and processes that keep cloud native apps and underlying infrastructure operating optimally. NetApp’s CloudOps offerings complement its multi-cloud storage infrastructure and data services and enable application owners to solve a wide range of their cloud application challenges from a single provider.

“NetApp delivers one of the industry’s most compelling portfolios for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. Instaclustr’s portfolio of cloud data application services are being rapidly adopted to build modern cloud applications,” commented George Kurian, CEO at NetApp.

“Instaclustr services will leverage the unmatched data resiliency and protection capabilities of our cloud storage offerings, the continuous cloud infrastructure optimization capabilities of the Spot portfolio, and the granular, service-level observability of Cloud Insights,” he said.

“Together these capabilities will enable customers to build, deploy and operate cloud applications much more quickly, easily and cost effectively,” George further commented.

What makes NetApp a unique industry player?

NetApp’s strategic acquisitions, including Spot, CloudCheckr, Data Mechanics, Fylamynt and now Instaclustr, have made Spot by NetApp a compelling platform for apps on one cloud and across multiple clouds-continuous optimization, automation, monitoring, and security combined with expertise deploying and operating open-source apps, all delivered as a service, on public and private clouds to give customers more cloud with less cost and complexity.