Neo4j reveals 2023 Graphie Award winners at GraphSummit Australia

Peter Philipp, General Manager, ANZ at Neo4j
Peter Philipp, General Manager, ANZ at Neo4j

Neo4j®, the global graph database and analytics company, announced the winners of the 2023 Graphie Awards in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) in recognition of organisations and individuals for their outstanding innovation in implementing Neo4j’s graph technology.

Who were the 2023 Graphie Award winners?

The prestigious Graphie Awards ceremony was held during the 2023 GraphSummit Australia in SydneyCanberra and Melbourne from 3 to 9 May. With over 250 attendees, the 2023 GraphSummit saw technology leaders, key decision makers, technical professionals, CIOs, and graph data science experts coming together from several industries, including banking, HR, and healthcare, to discuss the best and latest developments in graph data technology.

The successful entrants were selected based on their exemplary use of graph technology to address the most significant enterprise challenges. Graph databases and graph data science are gaining momentum in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) as businesses race to find hidden relationships and patterns over billions of data connections to solve modern data problems.

According to Gartner, graph tech will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations by 2025, up from 10% in 2021, to facilitate rapid decision-making in organisations.

Congratulations to the Graphie Award winners in ANZ:

  • DXC Technology (Australia) – Excellence in Data Driven Career Development
  • Healius(ASX: HLS, Australia) – Advanced Leader: Real-time Diagnostics with Graph Technology
  • Michela Ledwidge, Mod CEO and co-founder (Australia) – Community Excellence Award forExtended Reality
  • WorkSafe New Zealand (New Zealand) – Emerging Leader: Public Sector Ontology & Transformation

Who were the headliners of GraphSummit?

GraphSummit featured key Neo4j community leaders and local customers showcasing the most promising applications of graph technology in their respective fields, including:

Additionally, Neo4j also conducted GraphWorkshop, a hands-on session which allowed attendees to learn how Neo4j can help address their data challenges while providing deeper business insights, and GraphMeetup – for participants to connect with graph database and graph data science experts and discover the latest trends in graph innovation and apps.

What does this mean for the industry?

“We are really excited about where graph technology could go. We see real potential in its applications to students as we look at how to guide them in their courses. We are also building up our corporate relations to really understand internships, enterprise learning, and different student engagements. Graph technology is a great tool for our corporate relations department to really build on those relationships and understand them better,” said Gibson.

“We are using graphs to combine tabular data with unstructured data to identify patterns that help us segment customers, evaluate risk, and recommend next actions. Graphs are intuitively easier to understand, and allows us to collaborate with stakeholders and present meaningfully to the leadership and improve decision making,” commented Jin Foo.

What does this mean for Neo4j?

“We are excited to celebrate these exceptional organisations who are successfully tackling the complexities of digital ecosystems with graph technology. It was a challenge to select the winners from an impressive list of finalists – we can’t wait to see them further excel with Neo4j playing a pivotal role,” commented Peter Philipp, General Manager, ANZ at Neo4j.

The awards ceremony follows a series of significant milestones at the organisation, including the recent appointments of Sudhir Hasbe as Chief Product Officer and Alyson Welch as Chief Revenue Officer, the extension of its strategic partnership with Google Cloud with the introduction of a new native integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse.

Neo4j also made a strategic acqui-hire of 11 full-time specialists from Distributed Technology Associates (DTA), which was a major expansion of its global cloud managed services (CMS) capability as well as Neo4j Graph Data Science analytics and machine learning platform’s continued double-digit growth in 2022 after the company crossed $100m in ARR in 2021.