Nectar Brands set to disrupt the telehealth industry in Australia

Chris Nasr, Co-Founder at Nectar Brands

Nectar Brands announced the launch of their digital health solutions which are set to improve patient care and access to digital health services in Australia. The company has rolled out a range of end-to-end solutions through their portfolio of brands including Cultiva (medicinal cannabis flower brand) and Polln (online telehealth clinic). Planting a new seed for the future, Nectar Brands are providing top quality personalised care, in a virtual environment.

How is Nectar Brands revolutionizing healthcare?

As demand for digital healthcare shoots up, Nectar Brands are on a mission to find the cracks in conventional healthcare, identify the communities that are under-funded and underserved, and build a solution to care for those patients. The company are reimagining the traditional patient experience and setting a new standard for care through their patient centric approach.

Their personalised healthcare experiences and unique medicinal products aren’t bound by traditional or outdated models of care, or the limitations of in-person visits. Nectar Brands innovative platform Polln was one of the first digital healthcare clinics in Australia to offer an all-in-one telehealth, dispensing and delivery service for medicinal cannabis.

Bringing together the physical clinic experience and pharmacy services all into an easy-to-use online platform, Polln allows patients to access treatment without ever leaving their home.

In a world where healthcare can feel quite transactional and often all in pursuit of maximum profit, Nectar Brands are bucking this trend. The company builds their own technology from scratch, which allows them to fully tailor the patient, doctor and pharmacy experience, while utilising the latest technology to ensure each experience is seamless and easy to access.

They are putting patients first, with an emphasis on choosing the right doctors who share this patient-centric mindset. What’s more, they take a very product agnostic approach where doctors are free to prescribe any medication (whatever is deemed best for the patient).

The future looks bright for Nectar Brands, with the company aiming to put the care back in healthcare. Next year Nectar Brands are launching a brand and rolling out a fully integrative online care model to help serve another underserved, underrepresented patient community.

How was idea for the company born?

Nectar Brands was born from the lived experiences of co-founders Chris Nasr and Grace Tan. When Chris’ aunt suffered a stroke, she was prescribed morphine for her pain management, but this unfortunately made her condition worse. Chris knew there had to be a better solution and so began his journey of discovering medicinal cannabis. Unfortunately, Chris’ Aunt passed before she could receive any kind of medicinal cannabis treatment.

This experience inspired Chris to take matters into his own hands and so he founded his first company in medicinal cannabis cultivation and production. During this time, Chris also spent years petitioning for change and lobbying for medicinal cannabis legislation in Australia.

Grace Tan also shares a similar story that stems from her experience exploring options for medicinal cannabis treatment. For years, Grace struggled with insomnia and was prescribed medications to help with her condition (however these left her with unwanted side effects).

Grace Tan knew there had to be a better way. After many years of travelling through countries where cannabis was readily available to the public, Grace couldn’t understand why people in Australia weren’t given the same opportunities to access potentially life-changing natural therapies. Grace’s extensive experience in start-ups combined with her own personal mission led her on a path to make serious change in the healthcare industry in Australia.

Fast forward to today and the duo have combined their knowledge of medicinal cannabis, with tomorrow’s technology, to create Nectar Brands. Partners in business and in life, the duo are now engaged to be married and continue to share a joint passion for making change.

What are the executive’s thoughts on Nectar Brands?

Nectar Brands Co-Founder Chris Nasr says Nectar Brands are paving the way for a better future of healthcare. “We created Nectar Brands to serve the under-served communities.”

“After experiencing first-hand the cracks in the traditional healthcare system, we were determined to not only find a better solution, but make it available to those most in need. The launch of Nectar Brands end-to-end digital health solutions cements our commitment to doing what’s right for our patients, not what’s easiest or most profitable,” Chris said.