My LADS kicks off to become a global leader in AR sports engagement

Ivan Braz, Chief Executive Officer, My LADS

My LADS, a global leader in augmented reality sports engagement has ​signed with some of the most known international football teams on the planet.

The four mega clubs and one national federation team include SL Benfica, Sporting CP, FC Porto, Portuguese Football Federation, and the legendary Club Atlético Madrid, fueled with a Seed Investment Round of €7.6m (US$ 8.9m).

My LADS attracts RTE seed investment round

My LADS has now closed a €7.6m seed investment round led by Riva Technology and Entertainment (RTE), to leverage Tech areas, grow the team, and attract new global clients.

The investment of RTE means that the entire ecosystem will come into play. RTE’s diverse portfolio of companies will allow My Lads to benefit from a range of industry leaders.

Also, investor António Félix da Costa, Formula-e world champion and co-founder of APEX Capital joins the round along with support from Sociedade Albuquerque & Almeida Advogados.

My LADS has already launched collectibles that are available for sale worldwide featuring football superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, João Félix, Eusébio and Bruno Fernandes.

Comments on My LADS AR sports engagement

“Our investment into My Lads is a strategic move that allows us to dive more into the world of Augmented Reality which is effectively powering fan engagement.”

“Our diverse portfolio of companies offers an opportunity to leverage gaming, sports, fan engagement and technology. The founders have secured some of the best teams in Europe and we look forward to seeing their vision come to life!” said Paul Roy, CEO RTE.

The team has developed the My Lads App, which opens up a whole new world of AR and football, bringing to life the stadium experience right from your mobile device. Engage with players, teams, lockers, tour buses and much more plus exclusive content for superfans!

Ivan Braz, My LADS CEO said, “Fans want to feel part of the team and that they matter for their idols. That’s also our belief and that’s why fans are the most important piece of the puzzle.”

“This investment will help us tailor more experiences for the fans and create unique memories and collectibles to grow the engagement between fans and their favorite sports teams.”