mycar Tyre & Auto modernises team connectivity with Macquarie Telecom

Luke Clifton, Group Executive at Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom announced it has rolled out nbn and SD-WAN services to over 270 mycar Tyre & Auto stores across Australia. The partnership has yielded significant improvements in team communication and strengthened network connectivity as the firm continues its growth trajectory. mycar Tyre & Auto is an Australian company that offers car servicing and repairs, with a presence of more than 275 stores across the country and a team of over 1,300.

Why did mycar opt for Macquarie Telecom?

The firm is focused on expanding its national presence and building a tyre and auto brand that’s famous for customer care, and bucks the trends and expectations people have about the industry. According to mycar’s CFO, Keith Toms, these ambitions necessitated a digital transformation to enable greater connectivity between the team and clients, and strong relationship with a network provider to ensure any digital hiccups were quickly ironed out.

“mycar is both growing and diversifying as a brand. For example, with the launch of our online service booking portal and the rollout of electric vehicle servicing in select stores. This required not only increased digital connectivity and bandwidth but a network provider we could rely on to quickly fix any in-store connection concerns,” Keith Toms commented.

Despite a number of solutions available to mycar, Macquarie’s ability to provide VMware-backed SD-WAN with 4G backup, combined with business-class NBN service, was deemed the best fit for business. Toms said Macquarie’s expertise, flexibility and value put it in the top position, and that since the rollout there has been a steep improvement in communication, between teams and customers, and between Macquarie Telecom and the mycar teams.

“We now have a modern set-up, with each team member using Wi-Fi to connect with clients, elevating online bookings and communication and providing assurances around security.”

“The 4G modem with cellular back-up across the network means our stores don’t experience down time, and our fault resolution time has improved considerably because of the fast and reliable customer service we’re receiving through the Macquarie HUB support team.”

What were Macquarie’s thoughts on the partnership?

Macquarie Telecom Group Executive Luke Clifton said mycar is the latest beneficiary of Macquarie’s industry-leading customer service credentials. “mycar is in a league of its own in the auto-services industry, and will continue racing ahead with access to these services.”

“It’s affirming to see tangible proof of our Net Promoter Score of +70, and our team will continue building upon the efficient and reliable service provided across our entire network.”

mycar will now continue to invest in technology, with the additional bandwidth allowing teams the ability to monitor and analyse vehicle data before sharing this directly with customers.