MVX aids 10 female-owned export SMEs to ship to the US at zero cost

Tonye Membere-Otaji, Chief Executive Officer at MVX

Trade is linked to economic prosperity and has the potential to expand women’s role in the economy, create financial empowerment for women and expand women’s access to skills. According to the World Bank, trade can dramatically improve women’s lives, creating new jobs, enhancing consumer choice, and increasing women’s bargaining power in society.

How does MVX plan to help women access global trade?

However, the challenge is fewer women are trading. MVX, a tech-powered trade firm that provides freight shipping services for large corporations and SMEs noticed that since its inception, less than 5% of shipment requests come from women-owned businesses.

Due to the fragmented, disorganized, and unpredictable nature of freight shipping in Africa, these businesses are less likely to export and participate in global trade.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, MVX kicked off the #BreakTheBiasinTrade campaign to support 10 women-owned export businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa to move up to 160kg of air freight to anywhere in the US at ZERO shipping costs!

To kickstart the campaign, MVX teamed up with the trade network, OWIT (Organisation of Women in International Trade) and NEPC (National Export Promotion Council).

Who were the winners of MVX’s campaign?

10 women who run SME export outfits have emerged as winners of the campaign. The list includes Blissomo Enterprise, Omonide Farms, Oklan Best, Yours Truly Enterprise, Toluwalashe Farms, Frijay Consult LTD, Grandma Foods, Shield of Women, Addy Foods, and Deluxe Flour.

MVX is committed to expanding access to trade openings for women in Africa, as it believes that shared prosperity can be achieved only when women are more involved in global trade.

“Promoting access to global trade for women is a part of our trade inclusion goal and ensuring shared prosperity in Africa through accelerated trade,” said CEO, Tonye-Membereji Otaji.