Australian mum launches global startup with Microsoft to save lives

Kathrine Peereboom, Founder of GVDP

Australian startup, Global Voluntary Disclosure Project (GVDP), has commenced its launch in Australia and the US, delivering life-saving technology to people throughout the globe.

Founded by Kathrine Peereboom, a highly respected advocate and founder of Spectrum Support, GVDP is a tech-based startup that has built the world’s most advanced and deployable software system for the management of interactions with vulnerable persons.

How is the startup saving lives?

The startup is also backed by the world’s largest technology businesses like Microsoft and SoftwareOne. The GVDP provides first responders with real-time, in-the-field access to crucial information about disabled and vulnerable people, ensuring safer, more effective interactions

The system works using two standalone applications: the First Responder App and the General User App. The technology provides individuals, carers, first responders and enterprises access to voluntarily shared data to help save lives on a global scale.

“The GVDP will save lives and assist first responders and other service providers to engage with disabled and vulnerable people in a more informed and safer way,” Ms Peereboom said.

“The GVDP is the first technology of its kind to be rolled out globally. It has been developed in partnership with some of the biggest players in the tech space and is now being trialled in Australia and the US in preparation for our full-scale global rollout in September this year.”

“As an Australian business, I am immensely proud of what we are achieving and how we will change the way in which vulnerable people are engaged and supported across the world – a way that will fundamentally improve their life, human rights, safety, security, health, wellness and opportunity to thrive as members of our community,” Ms Peereboom further said.

How efficient is GVDP software?

Firms across the world are implementing the GVDP software and adding the First Responder App to their devices. The Apps combine Bluetooth technology (BLE) and the sophisticated encryption of the Microsoft Azure Platform, to deliver the most secure system in the world.

The Global Voluntary Disclosure Project system includes a broad range of wearable devices including smart watches which have been built to include beacons capable of communicating with the First Responder App from a distance. First Responders using a mobile phone or tablet with the GVDP First Responder App allows access to live intelligence about the person.

This assists the First Responder App user to approach every situation with the background they need for accurate situational awareness. “The system has taken several years to develop involving significant consultation across a range of sectors,” Ms Peereboom added.

“The system has been designed and built in cohort with disabled and vulnerable individuals, advocates, representative bodies, first responders, parents, disability support workers, the LGBTIQ+ community and many cultural backgrounds. Extensive research and interviews were conducted over 6 months across Australia, America, Colombia and New Zealand.”

“The GVDP is designed to integrate easily into existing organisational procedural and technology frameworks and to be as user friendly as possible to optimise adoption globally.”

What is the market reach of GVDP?

The GVDP has a suite of partnerships in the USA including Microsoft and SoftwareOne. Representatives from Chicago PD, the FBI, Special Olympics, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Hearing Australia, and Autism communities are also involved.

“Our launch is now underway in Queensland, Australia and in Texas, United States. This will assist us in firming up our communications and deployment activities as part of our global roll out program which commences in October this year,” Ms Peereboom further explained.

“With the GVDP, no child with autism will ever be lost in the wilderness again, no person with mental health issues will ever be approached without awareness of their condition and health needs, no elderly person will ever walk away from their care home lost for hours or days, no vulnerable person will endure avoidable hardship as a result of their situation. Thanks to the GVDP – every person will matter, and will be visible. This is life-changing and it is life-saving.”