Liquor delivery service launches in Melbourne to support bottle shops

Todd Scott, the Founder of MR SIPPY

A new start-up company, MR SIPPY, is shaking up the alcohol delivery industry by putting independent bottle shops on the map, just in time for the festive season.

Started by a Melburnian who has been trying to shop local as much as possible, MR SIPPY delivers drinks around the city with stock sourced from a local bottle shop to the customer.

MR SIPPY set to disrupt liquor delivery

Delivering Thursday to Sunday from 5-11pm, MR SIPPY’S on-demand service gets the beers, wines and spirits delivered quickly, usually within the hour, and it will only get faster!

MR SIPPY has services in 52 Melbourne suburbs and is planning to expand nationally.

The company is competing against traditionally bigger players and has facilitated independent retailers with another revenue stream through being part of the platform.

Unlike the established alcohol delivery services owned by big corporations and supplying stock from their stores, all of MR SIPPY’s deliveries are sourced from local bottle shops.

These independent local bottle shops and businesses usually do not have the resources and the necessary time to be able to set up an online store and facilitate delivery.

MR SIPPY does not charge the bottle shops anything to be a part of the service.

And that’s where Melburnians are facilitated through simply downloading the MR SIPPY app, put their postcode in, browse the range of products and spend a minimum of $30.

The MR SIPPY platform ensures that the order will go through to the closest independent bottle shop available and a MR SIPPY driver will bring the booze to your door.

Whether it is a party that’s running a little dry, a backyard BBQ that needs some more beers, a dinner that has turned into a celebration or someone needs to stock up for Christmas and wants to support local while getting everything delivered, MR SIPPY has everyone covered.

Inspiration behind the MR SIPPY start-up

Todd Scott, is the founder of MR SIPPY and has a background in hospitality, sales and tech.

The idea of an alcohol delivery service that supported local, small and medium enterprises was borne about during Melbourne’s hectic COVID-19 pandemic induced lockdown.

“I was using different alcohol delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and I noticed that none of our local bottle shops were availed on the platforms.”

“I, like many others in Melbourne have really been trying to shop locally more during the recent years but by using the existing services I was just supporting conglomerate businesses.”

“After some research, I found that there are 4500 independent bottle shops across the country, and they weren’t being supported by the existing alcohol delivery companies.”

“I decided to do something about it and MR SIPPY was born,” Todd Scott explained.

“I am lucky to be able to call some amazing people, mentors on this journey of starting up MR SIPPY including Erin Deering, owner and founder of Triangl swimwear and Nick Russian, a highly respected entrepreneur and owner of Bar Bambi and Together Events.”

“After a lot of hard work, trials and errors, we have launched a platform to provide these retailers with a new revenue stream and help them compete with the multi-national players by being a part of MR SIPPY and enable Melburnians to support local as their booze is delivered.”

MR SIPPY can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.