MoveMii launches with specialised, on-demand training options to health conscious Australians post-COVID

MoveMii launches with specialised, on-demand training options

MoveMii, a new sydney-based health and fitness platform that connects members with a community of personal trainers in their area, has launched to meet the rising demand for personalised training services post-COVID.

MoveMii allows members to find personal trainers who are available and close by, fit into their schedule, and have the skills & expertise to help them achieve their personal goals, easily on the online platform.

The platform aims to fill a gap for more accessible specialised training services in the multi-billion dollar fitness and health industry after COVID-19 disrupted the status quo of gym and fitness centres.

With less and less Australians opting for gym memberships, there is a rising demand for more flexible and personalised fitness sessions that fit into the population’s changing lifestyle and remote work arrangements.

What spurred the idea?

MoveMii co-founder Ly Dan said the idea for the platform was born after her husband faced a serious heart related health scare last year, which triggered him to seek out a healthier lifestyle.

“At the time we were in lockdown and my husband couldn’t access professionals at gyms to help him on his health journey.

We started searching for a personal trainer, but realised there wasn’t a clear starting point or way to filter out trainers that actually had the right medical expertise to help him regain his health and fitness safely.

We were at a loss of where to look and didn’t want to risk being locked into a contract with someone who couldn’t deliver what he needed,” said Ms Dan.

“We realised there was a gap in the market for a platform dedicated to matching people with trainers.

Finding a trainer should be simple, but currently it requires a lot of research, word of mouth referrals and fitting into someone else’s schedule, which can make it hard to commit and achieve your personal goals.

That’s where MoveMii comes in – it’s a resource to find the right personal trainer for you in a way that is super easy and convenient,” said Ms Dan.

How does the platform work?

“MoveMii connects Australians with a community of on-demand personal trainers to choose from to find the perfect fit for their specific fitness goals and medical needs.

Members aren’t locked into a minimum number of sessions with any trainer, but have the option to trial a few before they pick someone more long term. For trainers, it’s a place to expand their reach in a way that can be sustained throughout changing restrictions,” she added.

Trainers already on the MoveMii platform include olympic weight lifting personal trainer, Jacqueline Nichele, ex-professional NRL player, Anthony Cherrington, and accredited sport chiropractor, George Hai.

As gym closures have created barriers between personal trainers and their clients, MoveMii is a new way to connect the fitness community with their favourite classes and trainers.

According to a 2020 Fitness Australia report, 81% of exercise professionals in Australia lost their job or main source of income due to COVID-19, and many have struggled to regain new clients since then.

The MoveMii platform allows individuals and their trainers to workout in their own time, wherever they desire and plan their training around specific workout requirements.

Members of Movemii can find classes and trainers within close proximity, set their own time for workout sessions and select specific lifestyle and specialised requirements with the trainers of their choice. 

The platform, which is free to sign up, gives members access to information on sessions from nearby personal trainers, from yoga instructors to boxing bootcamp instructors, which can then be easily booked and paid for online through the platform.

Alternatively, health coaches can join MoveMii as a trainer to grow their business and list classes for free. The platform connects trainers with a growing community of health and fitness enthusiasts enabling them to expand their reach beyond the gym and profit off their expertise.

Trainers can set their own availability and rates, run sessions the way they want to without gym requirements and earn their own revenue.

The launch of MoveMii comes at the perfect time with many Australians looking to restart health and fitness programs as they take control for a better year in 2021.

MoveMii aims to become the go-to platform for all specialised health and fitness needs and eventually expand their reach and services to incorporate as many forms of fitness and movement as possible.

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