Motorola solutions hauls in seven Good Design Australia Awards

Motorola Solutions has won seven major awards at Australia’s peak international design awards, Good Design Australia and thus making it a global leader on the technology front.

Being a global leader in mission critical communications and analytics, Motorola earned awards for its next generation of voice communication and video security solutions.

The haul includes six awards for its latest software-integrated, digital radio technologies that provide first responders and other frontline workers with secure voice and data services.

Motorola’s communication and video solutions


This is a specialized version of Motorola Solutions’ innovative, smart radio and software solution platform designed to keep firefighters connected in the most extreme conditions.

APX NEXT also provides coverage by roaming onto LTE networks. 

APX smart apps

APX smart apps power the APX NEXT radio series with intuitive features, including mapping and messaging for improved situational awareness and safety

MXP600 and RM780 Remote Speaker Microphone

A Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) communications device that provides mission-critical voice communication and flexible collaboration with other solutions. It is very crucial for field ops.


MOTOTRBO ION is an intelligent radio with a whole Android interface providing broadband data capabilities via an open application ecosystem.

Nitro Evolve

Nitro Evolve is a rugged, LTE handheld device built for enterprises that combines data capabilities with an Android interface. It is one of my personal best.

CLPe Plus Series

CLPe Plus Series is a discrete and practical enterprise two-way radio designed for the retail and hospitality sectors. A great innovation for business-oriented firms.

Avigilon H5A Camera Line

Avigilon H5A Camera Line captures high-resolution video and audio and detects the unusual movement of people and objects. Something for the future to gobble on. 

Good Design Australia awards Motorola Solutions

The latest clutch of seven awards brings Motorola Solutions’ tally of Good Design Australia Awards to 15 over the past three years. Sounds like an immaculate achievement.

Con Balaskas, Motorola Solutions’ VP and MD for ANZ appreciated the awards.

“Good Design Australia’s awards are a reflection of Motorola’s ongoing research and development investments in order to further improve and evolve our mission critical communications.”

“Secure and reliable communication has never been more important for emergency services and businesses who may need to adapt to complex and changing environments.”

“These organizations also need to maximize their harnessing of data to enhance their situational awareness, further productivity and to improve emergency response.” 

Motorola research leads to advent of new technology

Motorola Solutions’ latest Good Design Australia awards highlight why voice communication remains the most critical of technologies for public safety and enterprise organizations. 

The need for critical communications is further reinforced in a new global research study developed by Motorola Solutions in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London

The global survey considered more than 12,000 citizens across ten international markets.

The research found out that 68% of the respondents said that emergency services need access to improved communications in order to meet emerging threats to public safety.

Balaskas said that the global pandemic had amplified needs for mission-critical communication and greater interoperability to extend the utility of radio communications.

“From providing a lifeline for front line responders to enabling contact-free communication and additionally supporting COVID-19 safe work practices for retailers, communication technology is critically essential for organization wide collaboration, safety and resilience.”