MOGAS Industries recognized for mining advancements in Asia

MOGAS China Team accepts award at the HuaYou 6th annual International Conference

MOGAS Industries has recently been awarded contracts to supply its severe service technologies to multiple mining and autoclave sites throughout Southeast Asia. As a leader in nickel and cobalt processing, MOGAS has changed the valve industry by supplying the highest quality severe service technology to ensure safety, reliability and guaranteed performance.

What is MOGAS’ industry expertise?

Several hundred automated and manual operated valves have been ordered for a number of high-pressure acid leaching applications, constructed from titanium to handle slurry.

These orders reflect MOGAS’ continued commitment to serving clients throughout Asia. Further, MOGAS is dedicated to providing the best value and service to every customer.

The contracts are multi-million dollars in combined value and represent MOGAS’ domination as a severe service technology provider. MOGAS China Sales Manager Jinny Zhu says of the recent orders: “We are so proud of our continued success in achieving customer satisfaction through collaboration and dedication to producing the world’s best severe service tech.”

What makes MOGAS an exceptional service provider?

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd recently presented MOGAS with an award for “Best Quality Product” as a result of MOGAS’ exceptional product design and outstanding customer support in supplying valves for their HPAL process involving six autoclaves in Indonesia.

As the energy revolution continues to re-shape the needs of our customers around the world, MOGAS Industries will continue to work to create solutions to suit the specific requirements of each process, from mining to autoclaves to refining and more.