New mobile smartphone repair service welcomed in Australia

Andrew Hage, Managing Director for Likewize Australia

Likewize, the fast-growing full-service tech protection and support provider, has launched Likewize Repair, a new ‘we-come-to-you’ mobile repair service providing Aussies with a quick and easy, at-home solution to the otherwise frustrating process of repairing a smartphone.

Research from Likewize found 5.9 million Aussie adult smartphone users have damaged their device in the last year and almost 5 million admit to damaging their device within its first year of ownership, leaving them to either complete the rest of their contract with a damaged phone, or lose access to their device for a few hours, or even days, while it is repaired.

What is the market offering of Likewize Repair?

Likewize Repair solves this dilemma by offering an alternative, effortless solution that won’t void a device’s warranty. Available now across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Likewize Repair is the first smartphone repair service offering using genuine parts in a fully-equipped mobile workshop that is easily bookable online through a convenient digital platform.

Services launching include front displays for Apple devices, as well as front, rear, and battery repairs for Samsung devices, with plans to expand to full device repairs in the near future. 

Likewize Repair’s online booking system allows consumers to book a repair by identifying the make and model of their device.  A security-cleared technician will arrive at their doorstep and conduct the repair in less than one hour (on average), so the whole process is quick and effortless. All repairs also receive a 12-month warranty, giving consumers peace of mind. 

Why was the service well received across Australia?

The service is much-needed as 40% of Aussie adults who have damaged their smartphone in the last 12 months said they felt frustrated because their phone wasn’t fully functional after damaging it, yet despite this, 36% who had their smart phone repaired waited over 1 month to get it fixed. 17% of smartphone users said they would be willing to pay for a premium ‘we-come-to-you’ smartphone repair service, to save them time of going to a repair store.

News of the new service was particularly well-received by busy, time-poor parents with 58% of surveyed Australian smartphone owners with kids under 18 at home saying they would consider using a ‘we-come-to-you’ smartphone repair service to save them time.

The appeal of this ‘we-come-to-you’ repair service comes as no surprise as this parent cohort is more likely to damage their device three or more times a year (8% compared to 3% for Australians without kids at home), with 729,000 parents who have damaged their smartphone attributing the main cause of damage to their kids playing with the device. 88% of those with kids at home admit they will face barriers when having to repair their phone.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the product?

Andrew Hage, Managing Director for Likewize Australia said, “Given how reliant we are on our mobile devices, not only for work and personal lives, but also to engage in communities online, the Likewize Repair will help families and communities across Australia stay in touch.”

“With the benefit of the ‘we-come-to-you’ repair offering, our expert technicians can work on your device in their specially designed vans, handing back a fully sanitized, functioning phone, so you can get on with life quickly. Likewize Repair expands on our commitment to eradicate customer pain points and make technology problems as easy to solve as possible.”

“While Likewize Repair vans will be launching in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we have ambitious growth plans and a goal to have vehicles on the road in five states in the not-too-distant future. At Likewize, we strive to be part of the solution, and our aim is to ensure fully-functioning devices are back in their owners’ hands as quickly and smoothly as possible.” 

For more information, Australians can visit the website