Minor Figures: The brand impacting coffee culture and milk for good

Café dwellers have likely heard of Minor Figures, the Coffee and Oat M*lk brand that burst into the coffee scene in 2014. The company has evolved from humble beginnings, starting in an East London microbrewery, founded by three mates – two Melbournians and a Londoner.

Minor Figures is now found in 20 countries, igniting the global coffee industry with the sustainability, creativity and individuality at the centre of everything they do.

What is the inspiration behind this innovation

Inspired by Biggie lyrics, it’s no surprise that Minor Figures has creative individuals, like painters, jazz musicians, basketball players and barbers working across the business.

Johnathan Chiu, William Rixon and Stuart Forsyth, head the small but mighty team working tirelessly across time zones to ensure growth and positive impact on the planet. Minor Figures attributes its popularity to innovative experiences to environmentally savvy coffee lovers.

Minor Figures knows that milk can make or break a good cup of coffee. The Oat M*lk range has been created by drawing on their backgrounds in specialty coffee to produce a neutral, balanced flavour that knows how to compliment the roast profile of any coffee thrown its way.

At the forefront of cold-brew innovation, Minor Figures was one of the first brands globally to introduce a nitro infused product to market in 2017.

Pioneering and creativity embedded in Minor Figures

The brand was the first to bring the revolutionary creation to Australian shores with its Nitro Can range, featuring the much-loved Minor Figures Oat M*lk. Taking risks and being at the forefront of innovation, it’s easy to see why the brand has built a cult global following.

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, keeping things natural, with less additives, no preservatives, and authenticity to meet the needs of professionals and consumers alike, Minor Figures has impacted the coffee industry and changed perceptions of the dairy industry too.

The plant-based vegan products have been created to improve coffee game and decrease the carbon footprint from the comfort of home or at a favourite local spot.

Minor Figures is in the final stages of becoming B-Corp certified, and in October 2020 went Carbon Neutral to balance out the impact of the company on the planet.

Making a difference is at the forefront of everything Minor Figures does, and its focus on quality, authenticity, creativity and originality sets it apart from other brands.

One thing you’ll have to figure out for yourself is: what’s with all the ducks?