Minerbase launches revolutionary cryptocurrency mining farm solution

Minerbase, a reputable provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions, has launched upgraded versions of ANTBOX, 3 series of mobile mining solutions for miners around the world mid of last year – A, L and the most recent T series. The 3 lines provide an efficient and scalable way to mine cryptocurrencies while reducing energy consumption and also increasing profitability.

What is the market offering of the ANTBOX solution?

The mining farm solutions come in various configurations to suit different miner needs, ranging from small-scale indoor operations to large-scale outdoor farms under several diverse weather considerations. Designed with a modular concept, the Minerbase’s 3 series can be easily installed and operated by miners, allowing them to focus on mainly performance as opposed to more difficult tasks such as managing complex systems and construction planning.

The A series offers a superior air-cooling system, which is cost-effective and features high airflow and larger capacity. The L and T series have immersion liquid cooling systems that offer utmost convenience, increase the lifespan of miners and enable miners to overclock without overheating. The L series is equipped with a PLC smart controlling system to reduce the labor costs and an integrated cooling tower that provides the best cooling efficiency.

The Minerbase T series is one of the first to support hot water recycling for heat recovery and supports indoor mining deployment, making it an ideal choice for miners who want to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their overall mining performance.

Product Features:

  • A series: air-cooling, large capacity and strong airflow:
    • Miner capacity* – A40:336; A20: 180
  • L series: immersion fluid & contra-flow closed cooling tower, PLC smart control, strong heat dissipation capabilities, suitable for high temperature environment:
    • Miner capacity* – L40: 240; L20: 120
  • T series: immersion fluid & shell and tube heat exchanger, support indoor deployment and heat recovery:
    • Miner capacity* – 20
  • Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots.

Minerbase is proud to announce the plan of launching its new D series, released at the end of April. The D series is an intelligent immersion cooling crypto mining container. Besides heat recovery, it comes with additional features like remote monitoring, smart PDU and an optional integrated electricity pricing monitoring system with continuous software update support.

What did the Minerbase executive have to say?

“We are excited to bring our smart integrated mining farm solutions to the market. These innovative solutions, we believe, will change the way miners operate and set up their farms. Our intelligent technologies enable users to mine more efficiently while reducing overall energy consumption and their carbon footprint.” said Mr Long, Product Lead of the Minerbase.

Minerbase’s team provides end-to-end support from consultation, planning to development for mobile mining farm solutions that can be used around the world based on each miner’s needs.


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