Milz Collection takes its fashion shopping digital amidst COVID-19

Milz Collection takes its fashion shopping digital amidst COVID-19
Mildred Opendi, Founder & CEO, Milz Collection.

Somewhere in Ntinda Business Village in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, is a fashion store that houses the Milz Collection. 

In 2017, Mildred Opendi, an Economics graduate from Makerere University made the bold move to quit her day job and focus on her growing fashion business, selling unisex outfits and accessories for the middle-aged fashion-forward crowd.

“I have always been passionate about business because of the financial independence it brings. I once had an ushering then a printing business back at campus,” says Mildred.

What pushed her to start this store?

Mildred recalls working in accounting, a job she didn’t enjoy very much and promised herself to quit as soon as she had a side hustle that could pay the bills. 

“My workmates often complimented my outfits and asked about my sellers so at least I was certain I would have a ready market to start with,” she adds.

The sales started out through social media pages but she eventually put her merchandise in a physical store at Ntinda Business Village. 

This was primarily to enable shoppers who didn’t know their sizes to try the outfits and get familiar since online shopping is still a young but growing trend.

Why fashion?

“I have always been fascinated by fashion and I would spend hours online searching for unique outfits and good deals,” Mildred says.

What makes her store unique?

There is something for everyone at Milz Collection, right from Polo T-Shirts to dresses, sweaters and shoes, the aim is to cover all bases. It’s the kind of store you can go to and pick out a trendy gift for your parents, your spouse or even your sibling.

You can walk into the store and leave with an entire outfit and even accessories such as jewellery, phone case and shades. The latest trends bikinis too are available for your poolside chill.

Milz Collection takes its fashion shopping digital amidst COVID-19
Accessories from Milz Collection

Milz Collection also offers free consultations for clients who may not be sure about what works well for them in terms of patterns or colour since expression through style is at the core of the business. 

This means people are flattered by different styles and it’s important to know what works best for you.

What has been the major challenge for the business?

While pursuing her Masters in Project Management in the US, the global COVID-19 pandemic made shipping trickier due to the restrictions imposed on passenger flights.

Mildred says that the rates skyrocketed, which pushes up the prices of some products and could end up driving away some of her customers.

What are the future plans for the business?

Mildred remains unfazed, however, with the physical store getting a facelift and furnishing works being finalized in 2 weeks. The Milz Collection is also set to offer its unique shopping experience through an official website for convenience.

Prices will be available in both local and foreign currencies (UGX & USD), with already existing payment options like PayPal, Mobile Money, Bank Card and even Cash On Delivery.

You can follow the Milz Collection on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their latest updates, giveaways, sales and additional perks. 

Contact them for business via +256787693008 (WhatsApp),, and Ntinda Business Village, Kampala, Uganda.