MiamiWeb3 taps DeFiDAONews as its co-host to bolster Web3 adoption

Gavin Qu, Chief Executive Officer of DeFiDAONews

MiamiWeb3 Summit, the institutional Web3 conference taking place from 28th – 30th of November 2022, announces DeFiDAONews as co-host. By co-hosting MiamiWeb3, DeFiDAONews will use their experience and expertise in media, event content and marketing, to boost exposure of the event while fostering sustainable institutional growth of Web3.

What is the MiamiWeb3 Summit about?

MiamiWeb3 Summit is a three-day in-person conference co-hosted by Atlas, a renowned global blockchain ecosystem builder affiliated to CTH Group, and the City of Miami.

MiamiWeb3 convenes industry leaders in Web3, venture capital, digital assets, financial services, and government to discuss “Going Beyond Crypto to Embrace Web3” and emerging trends driving the growth and adoption of Web3 technology. The event, expecting to attract more than 1,000 delegates and participants from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, is shaping up to become one of the most important institutional Web3 events globally.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the event?

Commenting on the event, Raymond Yuan, Founder and Chairman of CTH and Atlas, said, “We are witnessing a once-in-a-generation leap from Web2 to Web3. Investment is rapidly growing, as is the number of developers, projects, and institutions in the ecosystem.”

“As a firm focused on underpinning the future of Web3, we believe it is crucial to bring the ecosystem together to shape sustainably and equitably. Based in the East, DefiDAONews is a brand of 8BTC media group focusing on the latest development of Web3 to help the community filter the narrative noise in the Web3 wave and find the truth and value from it.”

Gavin Qu, partner of 8BTC and CEO of DeFiDAONews, commented, “Web3, embracing the blockchain tech, is reshaping the landscape for the next generation information industry.”

“The physical and digital worlds will be increasingly integrated in way that further blurs the boundary between users and creators, which means the philosophy of making a successful business will be different. It is therefore vital for stakeholders to have an in-depth discussion, and we are very glad to make our own contribution as a co-host of this great event.”

More details of the conference can be found at this website.