EdTech startup memoryOS already raised over $615k on Kickstarter to help people “Sherlock” their memory

Co-founders of memoryOS Jonas von Essen and Alex Ruzh

US Ed-tech startup memoryOS has already raised over $615,000 on Kickstarter, exceeding their initial goal by 35 times within the first week.

memoryOS combines interactive micro-lessons with an immersive 3D game that teaches users memorization skills by transferring them to virtual Memory Palaces.

The Mind Palace technique has been proven by memory masters since the days of Ancient Greece and is also demonstrated by the protagonist of the “Sherlock” BBC TV series.

What is memoryOS all about?

memoryOS is an edtech startup developing an innovative gamified e-learning app to help people significantly improve their memory. The bite-sized lessons of the app’s e-learning component are compiled and taught by The 2X World Memory Champion, Jonas von Essen.

The patent-pending game component of the same app provides the user with pre-made virtual environments for encoding and storing the necessary information in the long-term memory.

‍Jonas von Essen, has recently memorized the first 100,000 digits of Pi and has proven how a person with ordinary memory can “rewire” their brain and turn it into a “memory machine”.

Jonas is well-known for getting a rare golden buzzer at Sweden Got Talent, winning against the national Сhinese team at the Super Brain TV Show 2 years in a row, and winning the “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” along with “The Wall” Quiz TV Show earlier this year.

Jonas was also featured in BBC, The New York Times, Independent, The Telegraph, and The Times. In all these contexts, however, Jonas tries to keep himself in the background.

Together with the memoryOS team, Jonas is putting a lot of effort into making the world remember by creating mind-changing memory software available to people globally.

This ongoing mission brought memoryOS into a friendly relationship with The Stephen Hawking Foundation and recently let them begin the hugely exclusive process to implement OpenAI’s GTP-3 and Dall-E into their learning platform to help create high-value text and image content for lessons, exercises, and practical use. Becoming more than just an app.

memoryOS co-founder, Jonas von Essen winning “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

Effectiveness and results

Prior to Kickstarter, memoryOS had 33,000 people in their Early Adopters community.

For those that have tried the memoryOS demo, the average improvement in recall increased by 70%, with an average increase in recall speed by 60% just after one short demo session.

Memorable mission to improve education

The more memoryOS develops comes the ability to offer the product at very little to no cost for young learners worldwide. This is an important goal – to make memoryOS available to all. 

This project began from one of the co-founder’s personal pains when he realized how unnecessarily stressful his life was during the test and exam periods at school and university.

Even though having a Mind Palace significantly boosted his grades and free time, Alex Ruzh saw that existing methods of obtaining memorization skills have significant limitations that stop almost everyone from acquiring it as a lifelong skill.

Continuing to feel the unnecessary pain of scholars, students, and people in general, he decided to find a solution and build a team to implement it.

The memoryOS team believes that memorization is as important as reading and writing and should be taught as our basic skills.

Because the current educational system fails to do so, this leads to lots of student stress and normally progresses into various forms of what’s called “having a bad memory.”

Memorization is a skill that has become lost in our ongoing reliance on computers due to our overly multiply focused world where there is too much info to integrate.

The general “if you don’t use it, you lose it” principle applies to our memory just as well.

That is why the memoryOS team has made it their mission for the memorization skills to become a new norm, and they invite you to become a part of this memorable journey!