Meltwater partners with NewsGuard to fight the spread of misinformation

David Hickey, Regional Director at Meltwater

Meltwater, a global social and media intelligence company, has continued to build on its growth in Australia and the APAC region with an expanded offering to its social analytics suite, internal promotions to its leadership team, and a new strategic partnership with NewsGuard.

What does the partnership mean for Meltwater’s clients?

NewsGuard, a tech company that employs trained journalists to rate the credibility of news sources and track the top false narratives spreading online, is the latest key partnership Meltwater has tapped into to help clients detect and respond to the spread of misinformation.

“As the spread of misinformation and ad fraud increases, it is important for brands to have a holistic view of how they are represented to ensure their brand reputation isn’t at stake. Misinformation is one of the newest threats which is why we are offering a comprehensive solution to our clients with even richer insights on the quality and credibility of their news and social media coverage,” said David Hickey, Executive Director, APAC, Meltwater.

What is the product offering of the combined solution?

By combining NewsGuard’s Misinformation Fingerprints tool with Meltwater’s media intelligence capabilities, firms can quickly detect the spread of hundreds of false narratives across social platforms and news sources. Meltwater also continues to introduce new social media analytics solutions for brands to keep pace with social media platforms’ innovations:

  • With Visual detection enrichments, brands now have access to an AI-powered tool that lets them search for the context of an image, beyond the traditional format of text-only searches in news websites, blogs, and social media posts. Importantly, it enables better tracking of visual mentions, including, logos, celebrities, genders and more.
  • Facebook Group Analytics helps brands analyse conversations in their Facebook groups to gain a deeper understanding of sentiments, and derive key insights from posts and comments within these communities.
  • Its existing social media management solution Engage now offers complete TikTok support to moderate engagement and content , and measure TikTok handle and post performance in Social Analytics.
  • The recently launched Communities tool has integrated several new features to provide audience segmentation and persona insights from social listening data.

What were the leadership changes at Meltwater?

Meltwater has focused on its next phase of growth with new senior leadership promotions which will see its talent step up to lead key functions, showing its ongoing commitment to invest in its employees’ growth and development. This comes on the heels of Meltwater being ranked number 20 for Comparably Awards ‘Best Career Growth’ category.

Ross Candido, who was previously Senior Area Director for South-East Asia, has stepped into his new role as VP, ANZ and South-East Asia. He brings with him fifteen years of international experience at Meltwater’s African and Asian offices, with a focus on scaling the company’s growth into the number one media intelligence provider in the region. Dylan Verrier joins Meltwater from ON24 as Director of Sales Development for APAC, based in Sydney.