Melrose Group appoints Nathan Cheong as new Chief Executive

Nathan Cheong, Chief Executive Officer at Melrose Health Group

Melrose Group, one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and leading health food companies, has appointed Nathan Cheong as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Nathan Cheong will lead both Melrose Health and Orchard Wellbeing foods which comprises of the Nu-Lax brands within the company’s illustrious and advanced portfolio. 

Nathan Cheong the right fit for Melrose Group

Nathan Cheong has a degree and is a qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist with over twenty years of experience within the complicated complementary medicine industry.

His career spans many companies in the field like Vita Life Sciences, Blackmores BioCeuticals, Designs for Health and most recently as Chief Executive Officer for LifeSpace Group.

Nathan Cheong has been the recipient of two Chief Executive Officer awards for Managing Director of the Year and Health Executive of the year in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Speaking on the appointment, Angus Douglass, the Executive Director of Melrose Group said, “We are beyond excited to have Nathan on board and welcome him into the business.”

“Nathan’s deep understanding of the Vendor Management Systems industry and science led innovation will be a key factor to driving the company’s growth and expansion strategies.”

“No one is better placed than Nathan to understand the needs of Melrose Group consumers and capitalise on our unique brand heritage and manufacturing platform.” 

Nathan Cheong excited about joining Melrose Group

Nathan Cheong speaking on his appointment said, “I am thrilled to move to this new chapter of my career as CEO for two iconic Australian brands like Melrose and Nu-Lax.”

“These brands have the ability to extend into numerous growth categories.”

“I feel there is so much opportunity within the supplement and functional food space to improve the health outcomes of all through innovation, research and education.”

“I am truly excited about the strong and established presence of Melrose Group in Australia coupled with continued potential for growth in international markets.”

“The board shares my charitable aspirations and the importance of organisations leaving a legacy beyond the impact of the brands alone and I want to expand this area of the business.”

“It really is an exciting time to be joining the business,” said Nathan Cheong.

Melrose Group is a wholly Australian owned company and comprises of Melrose Health, established in 1979 and Orchard Manufacturing (Nu-Lax brand), established in 1937.

The Melrose Group is a charitable partner of Food Ladder, to address global malnourishment by giving people the tools to stop hunger and provide good quality, fresh nutrition.

Food Ladder provides communities with hydroponic greenhouses and specialised training to grow fruit and vegetables and set up social enterprises selling fresh and nutritious food.