Melbourne medtech start-up, Seer debuts on AFR Fast Starters list 2021

Dr. Dean Freestone, Seer CEO & co-founder

Seer has made its debut on the Fast Starters 2021 list, recognizing its position as one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia as chosen by The Australian Financial Review.

In under five years since its launch, Seer has helped over 10,000 Australians access life-saving brain and heart monitoring care from the comfort of their homes.

Seer Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Dr. Dean Freestone made the following insights.

“Founded to empower people to take greater control of their health by making clinical-grade monitoring accessible, Seer is Australia’s largest provider of epilepsy policing services.”

“It is a privilege to be named amongst other leading companies this year, many of which are committed to harnessing technology to solve problems of immense scale. I’m extremely proud of the Seer team and humbled by the trust and support of our patients and partners.”

Rapid growth, global ambitions

Seer provides 3x more epilepsy monitoring services than the Australian hospital system.

More than 20 Seer Medical clinics now operate around the country, allowing patients to be set up for home-based monitoring and bringing clinical-grade care to people in need.

Seer’s patented home-based, long-term video-EEG technology also delivers a diagnostic yield that is 30 times more effective than current routine tests in other clinics.

“Seer’s patented wearables, mobile app, cloud and machine learning technologies enable us to rapidly scale service delivery while reducing the costs of long-term monitoring. This has the potential for exponential productivity and health gains, globally.”

Seer has seen 35% employment growth throughout 2021, now employing over 185 staff.

Approximately half the team is focused on clinical service delivery, with the remaining staff focused on research and development and curating a pipeline of innovative products and services that will enable Seer to revolutionize epilepsy monitoring and management globally.

2022 presents the opportunity to improve healthcare

“We believe timely, accessible healthcare is a universal right.

“2022 will be a turning point for Seer as we expand our footprint to provide our life-saving tools to more Australians and to markets beyond our shores.”

“The healthcare sector has undergone widespread disruption and rapid transformation in the past 2 years. It’s very encouraging to Australian companies at the forefront of change.”

“We want to break down bottlenecks so people can have access to essential services.”

“Seer is working tirelessly to improve access to clinical monitoring in a way that reduces the burden on our critical infrastructure, leaving hospital beds for people who need them most.”