Melbourne IT expert pens guide to understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being implemented in almost every area of our lives. Prabash Galagedara has launched a guide called, Embrace – The Pursuit of Happiness through AI. After over 20 years’ experience in data, analytics, finance and technology, Prabash discusses the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in eight different areas of our lives, covering wealth, cybersecurity, job-seeking, facial recognition, health, deepfake, beauty and the future of cars.

What is the synopsis of the book?

The book masterfully takes a deep dive into AI and its workings, and acknowledges that the innovation of technology has long been an accepted developing facet of our modern life. However, the understanding how AI might affect our life is the fundamental right of everyone, and not just the responsibility of the manufacturer to share it with their customers.

Mr Galagedara said. “When I was a young boy, my life was very different to that of my children. I was 11 when my Dad brought home our first television: a 12-inch black and white unit that adorned our living area. I was thoroughly excited to join much of the UK in watching the ‘event of the century’ – Charles and Diana marry. However, now technology has filtered into every aspect of our lives: our wealth, safety, jobs, health, faces, beauty and cars.”

“The creators are spending trillions of dollars and employing the best minds to outsmart us, the citizens. If we don’t understand how we are affected by AI in its various forms, we have no chance in using it productively.  Worse than that, we may be taken advantage of by others who use AI to steal our time, our identity, our money, possibly even our lives.”

“For example, one of the frontrunners of the industry is facial recognition. Facial recognition uses AI to detect human faces from the background. The algorithm starts by searching for human eyes, followed by eyebrows, nose, mouth, nostrils, and iris. The surveillance industry is already successfully using AI to select specific faces in football stadiums of people.”

How impactful is the book?

The book is an easy to read, accessible guide to understanding AI and Prabash has filled the book with examples and case studies of how AI is impacting various areas of our lives, in unimaginable ways. In this easy to manage guide Prabash expresses the importance of being an informed participant in the world that AI has created, and is continuously being developed.

One where we citizens can use the power of AI to our benefit, rather than the other way around. Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. It is in our lives. To the amazement of most, it is infiltrating every facet of livelihood. This is why we need to know and understand AI, where it is and where it’s going, before it knows us. Embrace – The Pursuit of Happiness through AI is now available for purchase from Amazon and other online bookstores.