Melbourne girls who flipped their COVID job losses into a multimillion dollar company inside 12 months

Pam Yip and Jenny Le are two Melbourne girls who turned the bitter tea of losing their jobs during COVID into a $2M dollar company within 12 months.

Thanks to their genius idea of selling DIY at-home Bubble Tea making kits, over 30,000 customers have been making their bubble tea at home.

COVID lockdowns resulted in the perfect environment for the Bubble Tea Club to grow.

How did Bubble Tea Club grow despite COVID troubles?

Thanks to the fanatical nature of these customers – Pam and Jenny are now gearing up for global expansion and are inviting all Australians to buy shares in their company via Birchal .

“COVID hit us really hard – the marketing work Pam did for her hospitality clients evaporated overnight and I was stood down from my job as an optometrist,” said Jenny Le.

“We weren’t going to take our COVID job losses lying down so we picked ourselves up and came up with potential business ideas, and one really popped – DIY Bubble Tea making kits!”

“Bubble Tea drinkers are fanatical – some were paying astronomical prices to have them delivered during lockdown – upwards of $15 for one drink!”

Pam continued. “I said to Jenny, ‘what if people could easily make bubble tea at home?’ The next day Justin and Jenny rocked up to my house with all the ingredients.”

“I shot content in my living room, Tim and Yi set up the website and we launched in 4 days.”

“And as soon as we uploaded the kits and a DIY video on social media – likes, comments, shares and sales went viral from day 1!”

Jenny and Pam are joined by fellow cofounders Justin Huang, 16 year old Tim Huang and Yi Ong to solve the COVID induced problem frustrating bubble tea lovers.

“We were the first in Australia to produce bubble tea, making kits for the home or workplace. We are also the leading company to do so globally.”

“Coffee lovers would riot if they had to pay a barista to make it for them,” said Pam Yip.

“With Bubble Tea Club, you can make custom bubble tea starting $1.75 per serve, which is much cheaper than the usual $7-9 for a shop version, with an extra $5 charged for delivery.”

“And our customers aren’t confined to the Asian community, more than half of our customers are from non-Asian backgrounds, with 10% never drinking bubble tea before.”

“Die hard bubble-tea addicts continually tell us our flavours are superior to those you buy in store, which can also be  custom made to your own specifications.”

“With thousands of combinations of flavours, as well as limited edition flavours, and you can adjust the sweetness and strength levels as you like – the possibilities are endless.”

“We use the best ingredients, sourced directly from Taiwan – the home of bubble tea.”

What benefits has Bubble Tea Club rendered?

Alongside cost reductions, there is a reduction in plastic because we recommend our kits be used with our Bubble Tea Club reusable cups and extra thick straws that can suck up the beautiful tapioca pearls and bubbles which make a bubble tea!

Social media helped in the start-up’s success with a lot of the company’s marketing power and sales done via social media thanks to the passionate bubble-tea community.

Customers have been taken aback at how easy it is to create bubble tea – especially the tapioca pearls, which are just as good as store bought versions.

Birchal has been chosen as the method to raise capital because the bubble-tea community is not only highly engaged, they are the reason we have become so successful.

And we couldn’t think of a better way to thank them – by allowing them to share in our success.

Investors will not only become equity partners, they will become ambassadors, roping in their mates to also start buying from the Bubble Tea Club.

Bubble Tea Club plans to use funds raised for finalising R&D, introducing a subscription model where customers receive a different flavour each month or quarter, and international expansion into US and Canada, and eventually the UK.