Melbourne e-scooter trial deemed a success, to be extended by 6 months

Hugo Burt-Morris, General Manager at Lime
Hugo Burt-Morris, General Manager at Lime

Following the successful e-scooter trial in Melbourne, the decision to extend this trial by 6 months and legalise private e-scooters is welcomed by micromobility operator, Lime, as they continue their mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. Lime is proud of the work it has done to promote safe and responsible riding and understands the long term success of the program must be built on a foundation of safety. 

What does the trial success mean for Lime?

Commenting on the trial success and extension, Hugo Burt-Morris, General Manager at Lime, said, “Lime has been honoured to serve Melburnians over the past few years. The trial has been a major success, with over 99.99% of our rides ending without a reported incident, world-leading levels of ridership and demand, and deep community engagement.”

“We are committed to building on the success of the program and continuing to focus on safety, especially around footpath riding. Lime’s mission of building a future where transportation is shared, affordable, and carbon-free aligns with the City’s goal and we are excited to continue to invest in Melbourne for the long term,” Hugo Burt-Morris further said.

Melbourne data points

  • 99.99% of rides have ended without incident 

  • Over 2 million trips have been completed in Melbourne since November 2018

  • Lime riders have travelled over 4 million kilometres in Melbourne during this time

What does the trial success mean for micromobility?

Burt-Morris said the decision to legalise private e-scooters is a positive for the micromobility industry and it is proof that the mode is sustainable, safe, reliable and one that is here for the long term. “Lime has worked with the Department of Transport, local councils, other operators and leaders to improve service to meet community needs consistently,” he said.

“We’ve focused on safety across the City through hosting numerous First Ride Academy events, expanding participation in programs like our Lime Access equity pricing, free rides to vote through our Lime to the Polls initiative, supporting local events through designated parking areas and educating our riders on safe riding habits and proper parking etiquette.”

“We’re very grateful to the riders of Melbourne who’ve taken over 2 million rides with Lime, as well as to Lord Mayor Sally Capp, the Department of Transport and our local city Council Members for embracing micromobility and expanding affordable and sustainable transport options to Melbourne residents. We look forward to continuing to serve Melbourne, helping new riders take their first trip, and the opportunity to expand to new Council areas.”