Medius and Enzo Unified partner to extend digital transformation in AP

Josh Torres, the Director of Partnerships at Medius

Medius, a provider of cloud-based accounts payable (AP) automation and spend management solutions has entered a partnership with Enzo Unified, a data management and integration company, to provide digital transformation in Accounts Payable and Finance.

Enzo Unified is involved in the development of prepackaged and repeatable adapters for all of the Medius cloud-based AP Automation solutions and Source-to-Pay suite.

Enzo will extend its data integration to streamline the integration and automation of IT and business processes in minutes through the universal programming language of SQL.

Medius and Enzo Unified embrace partnership

Josh Torres, the Director of Partnerships at Medius expounded on this development.

“Our customers hate having disparate AP systems. It makes their daily lives more complicated, busier and unnecessarily complex. Enzo Unified’s cost-effective platform has hundreds of existing adaptors to make integration between these systems much easier.”

“They can create a new one in a matter of days if needed.”

Herve Roggero, the Founder of Enzo Unified said, “The partnership with Medius represents an integration of cloud tech and AP automation to drive efficiencies and lower costs.”

“Medius AP Automation is easy to work with and offers tremendous time to value, making it ideal for companies of all sizes that wish to quickly gain new operational efficiencies.”

“Through leveraging and harnessing the power that is facilitated by the Enzo platform, we can help them rapidly accomplish their goals regardless of their backend systems.”

Benefits of Medius and Enzo Unified partnership

Beer distributor J.J. Taylor, is a recent customer that has benefitted from this partnership.

Andrew Timmons, the Business Systems Analyst at J.J. Taylor said, “Medius was the most sensible digital solution to be leveraged by J.J. Taylor in order to facilitate our work.”

“Its trust in technologies like REST APIs and willingness to work with integration partners like ENZO helps us turn Medius into the enablement platform we hope to get.”

“We can handle more invoices and create satisfaction for our employees and suppliers.”

Torres said, “Extending our partnership with Enzo means we can continue to simplify digital transformation for more customers that use the Medius Spend Management suite.”