Medisca expands its extensive global network of strategic alliances to drive patient access to critical medications

Medisca has announced the expansion of a network of strategic alliances aimed at securing and stabilizing global access to high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the preparation of essential medications. This mission started with the partnership for Thyroid USP in 2021, and has now expanded to include Progesterone USP (Special Micronized), Testosterone USP (Micronized), Diclofenac Sodium USP, and Ketamine Hydrochloride USP.

How is Medisca revolutionizing the space?

In recent years, Medisca has seen significant increases in the demand for these active pharmaceutical ingredients with commercial drug shortages and the need for qualified products and transparency documented as the primary causes. By engaging in strategic alliances, Medisca reinforces its position as a true Partner In Wellness and driver in securing high-quality product supply for the pharmaceutical compounding and healthcare industries.

In order to vet the right partners, Medisca conducts thorough due diligence to ensure the highest quality measures are met at the source. All partners undergo a rigorous vendor qualification program with proof of FDA registration, quality agreements in place, and testing performed to verify the quality of the product including, full USP compendial testing, elemental impurity testing, residual solvent testing, and particle size testing for micronized products.

What does the expanded network mean for Medisca?

Panagiota Danopoulos, SVP of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca
Panagiota Danopoulos, SVP of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca

“We are steadfast in our commitment to promoting pharmaceutical compounding as a legitimate and essential solution for healthcare providers working to overcome challenges in medication accessibility and looking to provide transformative options for personalized patient care,” said Panagiota Danopoulos, SVP of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca.

“To help achieve this goal, we continue our mission to forge partnerships with leaders in API manufacturing that are unified by a common commitment to quality, consistency, and value,”

Leveraging these strong partnerships in API manufacturing and collaborating closely with government authorities, Medisca is able to support market access to essential APIs and address the critical needs of healthcare providers and patients across the globe.