Maxion Wheels launches light vehicle wheels amidst growing OEM demand

Maxion Wheels, one of the world’s largest producer of wheels, announced, Maxion BIONIC, the company’s latest light vehicle wheel innovation from its booth at IAA Mobility 2023.

What does Maxion BIONIC bring to market?

Developed by teams in Brazil, Mexico, US, and Germany, Maxion BIONIC responds to the growing demand from OEMs for affordable, stylish, and sustainable wheels especially for light vehicle programs where wheel load is increasing. Maxion BIONIC has been well received and is under consideration with several OEM programs. The concept wheel features include:

  • Lowest CO2 primary material
  • Large diameter sizes (18” and larger)
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Revolutionary design options
  • Customizable finishing
  • Market launch in 2025

What does this mean for Maxion Wheels?

“Maxion BIONIC is an alternative for OEMs interested in larger size wheels and who don’t want to compromise on design and sustainability,” said Pieter Klinkers, CEO, Maxion Wheels.

“We know electric vehicles, especially, require more from the wheel with emphasis on stiffness, weight, and aerodynamics. Maxion BIONIC is a new innovation that combines style and large diameter wheels with an inherent low CO2 footprint,” Pieter Klinkers added.