Harnessing triggers in marketing facilitates revenue and sales growth

Today’s market is super competitive, regardless of the type of your business. There are many skills to be successful in business these days and the most important is good marketing.

Business has changed. Before, it was enough to start up and let your work speak for you. Regardless of what you were selling, you counted on your customers’ recommendations. 

As technology continues to progress, everything changes including business.

It has become easier to communicate with partners, clients and customers living in other cities/countries, and sell them our products or services. However, things became difficult. 

Online sales allowed more people to create businesses. With an online shop, you don’t pay rent for the space. However, the more players you have in a field, the stronger the competition.

In today’s competitive atmosphere, you have to invest in marketing and developing various skills so that If you create games like, Cleopatra, you need to be ready to compete.

But this is easier said than done, right? We didn’t know much about this either, so we decided to talk with some experts and understand how to improve marketing and sales. 

To our surprise, marketing specialists say that trigger is the essential trick to use in marketing.

Initially, the idea sounded too brutal to us, because we knew the term trigger from another context. In psychology, it is used to describe things that provoke memories. 

That’s right. It is the same thing! We use psychology in marketing strategies. It is incredible how the brain works! We already know how the brain affects our daily tasks and emotions.

Since the brain processes millions of decisions daily, it develops mechanisms to do it quickly. These mechanisms are triggers and here are some of those marketing techniques.

Triggers in marketing

Offer free things

Assumimg you want to buy a design program for your computer but you are not sure which one.

Come to think about it! Some manufacturers offer truly amazing discounts while others sell at full price but offer, let’s say a 15 or 30-day free trial. 

Which one is more attractive for you? Many people go for those that offer free trials because, they get time to figure out if product really fits their needs unlike getting mazing discounts.

The computer example applies to everything. By offering free things to your clients, you show them that you are not just after their money, but that you care about them. 

Rely on innovation

Here is the thing! Despite incredibly high competition, the reality is that the market is over-flooded with the same or similar products, made by different manufacturers. 

If you pay attention, they all tend to incorporate a super popular in their products.

For example, when it became clear that people prefer taking pictures with their smartphones, everyone started working on building extra quality resolution cameras in their smartphones.

To be more successful than your competitors, go a step further with upgraded items. 

That doesn’t mean that you need to create new products. You can simply add an innovation or two and watch how they sell like you haven’t dreamed it ever could.

Limit access to products

This is one of the oldest and most successful marketing campaign tricks. What does it mean? 

We are all buying our airplane or train tickets online, right? You know, when you go on a company’s website you see some tickets at one price, and below  it’s written “Only 4 left!”.

Well, that is it! It doesn’t mean that there are only four seats left on the plane!

It is a strategy to make a decision and buy the ticket quickly at the price the company wants you to believe is good for you within the shortest time possible for the client. 

It is generally called the scarcity strategy. It creates a thinking that you won’t be able to find the desired product or that it will be much more expensive and thus, you rush to buy it.

You can also use marketing automation to inform customers about limited offers.

Use customer reviews

Honestly, it took us a long time to understand the power of customer reviews.

We believed that a thing that is good for some doesn’t necessarily have to be good for others.  So, we thought that people make decisions based on their ideas.

However, when we started a business, we realized that many people appreciate the various comments and feedback that our clients made about our products. 

It turned out that even if people don’t know each other, they trust the opinions of others.

So if, for example, 300 people express their satisfaction with a product, it must say something about that product and the company that sells it.

The marketing mistake that you should avoid is forgetting to ask clients to leave reviews.

Include recommended price

When attracting clients to make them get your product, it is advisable to recommend a price.

Here’s the thing! We come to your website and see different options that we like, but can’t decide what we want. The recommended price option can play a decisive role in this case.

It is especially useful if you are selling software of some kind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to recommend the basic option. You can do it with the middle option as well. 

Use powerful visuals

We are living in a hectic world. We don’t have plenty of time for the things we enjoy the most, let alone for reading entire pages about the product that makes us curious.

As a part of that, image plays an important role regarding how our brain reacts. Seeing a beautiful photo attracts the eye, but also your general attention. 

Are you the owner of a tourist agency?  Never underestimate imagery. If you put pictures of beautiful beaches or restaurants, you increase the chances of attracting people.

But make sure to be original and avoid using generic photos, which you can find on every website.  You can also send marketing emails with a lot of wonderful photos. 

Deploy strategic story telling antics

As you know, plenty of companies now have blogs. Have you noticed that each time you visit some of these blogs, you encounter a kind of story about a specific product?

This concept of blogging is called storytelling, and it is well received by the customers.

Here is the thing about storytelling! People like to read well-told stories because it’s those stories allow them to feel the experience of something that didn’t happen to them.

It is similar to reading books! You feel what is happening to the characters in the book. This is because of the way that the human brain makes emotional connections.

Find reputable influencers

It is a funny thing, we tend to trust people that we like or respect even if we don’t know them.

For example, if you appreciate George Clooney, whether as an actor or as an activist, and he speaks in favor of Nespresso machines, you will want to buy them because of him. 

He is an okay fellow, so he must make good judgment, right? It works the same for all people globally. Hence, try to get people with influence to recommend or advertise your products.

Be it actors, musicians, writers, etc. But think about the audience you are addressing.

Show authority

Now, we know that in viral marketing, people tend to follow the masses. But the masses can also tend to follow an individual who proves to know what they are doing.

Hence, you have to build the image of yourself as an expert in the field of your business. Let’s say that you are selling medical equipment. The best thing would be that you are a doctor.

But okay, there is a solution if you aren’t. You can create a team of doctors who can speak in favor of your products and give different health-related information to your clients.

You can include a marketing app, where people can communicate through direct messaging. 

Don’t forget the importance of colors

When you are into digital marketing, you need to pay attention to colors you use. Believe it or not, but colors provoke much more emotions than words or anything else. 

For example, we associate red with passion, orange for good mood and positivity, blue for trust and green for calm. Not that they define our mood, but they convey a message. 

Did you know that the brain processes visual information way faster than words? That is why we need to use color psychology to influence the decisions of our clients and customers.

Way forward

We all want to sell our products for a profit but remember that marketing isn’t just about that.

You need to rely on psychology and figure out what people want and what makes them happy. When you do that, you will accomplish every marketing task with greater ease.

Are there any marketing tricks you used that we forgot to mention?

Arthur Rowley is an avid writer specializing mostly in technology and marketing. Having spent years finessing his craft, he now can ensure you that Arthur has much acclaim for these areas and dedication to providing high-quality blogging content.