Maple Bear Global Schools offers investment in bilingual childcare centres and schools in Australia

Canadian Education company, Maple Bear Global Schools, is extending their investment opportunity of bilingual childcare centres and schools into Australia. 

Starting with childcare centres (with primary and secondary schools to open at a later date) investors and business owners can capitalise on the $2bn Australian pre-school industry, our large population of immigrants and the growing education sector

Maple Bear Global Schools offers investment options

Maple Bear’s bilingual education is an immersion program, while still supporting local language requirements (differentiating it from international schools).

In Australia, where English is the primary language spoken, Maple Bear centres will have the option to choose the second language they would like children to be educated in based on the community and cultures in that area or centre. 

This gives potential owners a unique opportunity to open a centre in an area with a large population of immigrants that, while wanting their children to be fluent in English, may also wish for them to maintain a connection to their culture. 

The benefits of a bilingual education are extensive

From learning to read sooner, to an increased sense of self-worth and identity, better concentration and analytical skills to being able to efficiently multitask. 

Studies have shown that it may guard against cognitive diseases like Alzheimers. 

Canadian education consistently ranks amongst the best in the world. In the latest PISA (OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment) survey Canada was the highest ranking English speaking country coming in at #8 overall (Australia was #21 on the list). 

There are three primary investment options available in Australia for becoming part of the Maple Bear Network of 500 bi-lingual schools:  

  • Greenfield: Building a school from scratch. 
  • Conversion: Converting an existing school into the Maple Bear brand while keeping the current owner. 
  • Purchasing: Purchase of a school in operation and conversion to Maple Bear brand with new owner. 

The Maple Bear delivers a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success and instills a passion for life-long learning.