ManageEngine onboards security and risk posture management to Log360

Manikandan Thangaraj, Vice President of ManageEngine

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corp, has added a security and risk posture management dashboard to Log360, its unified security information and event management (SIEM) solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities.

What do the new tools mean for ANZ clients?

Enterprises across Australia and New Zealand can now leverage this feature to implement proactive security strategies and prevent cyberattacks before they occur. Establishing a proactive security strategy relies on assessing the risks of network platforms continuously.

“With the introduction of regional compliance mandates, aligning security and compliance is more crucial than ever and has become an important conversation in board meetings. Security and risk posture management—a proactive security strategy—is an integral part of many compliance needs,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, Vice President of ManageEngine.

“ManageEngine has augmented its unified SIEM solution with security and risk posture management that allows enterprises to gain visibility into the current risk posture of their network resources. This helps identify critical loopholes and vulnerabilities that, if exploited, can cause significant damage. Furthermore, the feature helps curb account compromise and misconfigurations, two of the most commonly used techniques for launching an attack.”

Why are the features a game-changer for the industry?

Risk assessment and management, if done right, strengthens enterprise security and thereby prevents hackers from intruding in the network. Compliance regulations across regions require enterprises of all sizes to follow security best practices to harden their network infrastructures. AD is often a primary target for adversaries. Continuously assessing AD risks and enhancing its security posture are essential to preventing cyberattacks from happening.

Stolen or compromised credentials are a common cyberattack vector. Once an account within an organisation is compromised, attackers can get a hold of other user accounts, move laterally through the network, and access sensitive data. This is where AD security hardening can help an organisation ward off security threats related to sensitive data.

Highlights of ManageEngine Log360’s Security and Risk Posture Management include;

  • Visibility into AD infrastructure compliance with Microsoft security baselines
  • Accurate detection of weak and risky AD infrastructure configurations and comprehensive security and risk posture calculations
  • Continuous assessments along with AD security posture recommendations to fix loopholes and reduce the risk of being attacked
  • A continuous risk assessment and management dashboard that helps you meet stringent compliance requirements with ease

Log360 also has extensive machine learning-based user and entity behavior analytics that actively monitor user behavior and identity compromise. By combining all these features, Log360 offers comprehensive protection against account compromise and identity theft.