Magnet Forensics moves into Aussie market to further its global growth

Adam Belsher, Chief Executive Officer of Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics, a developer of digital investigation solutions for over 4,000 enterprises and public safety organizations in over 100 countries, announced its expansion to Australia.

What does the expansion mean for Magnet Forensics?

The expansion will strengthen Magnet Forensics’ presence in the Asia-Pacific region, where it currently has teams in Singapore and India. In Australia, Magnet Forensics has hired employees in sales and professional services and will look to continue to build a core team in the country. The company has been selling its solutions to Australian customers since 2011.

Magnet Forensics’ entry into Australia will allow it to tap a burgeoning cybersecurity market that the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network says is increasing by nine per cent each year. Over the next decade, it has the potential to triple in size, the organization says.

“Australia is a rapidly emerging market for digital forensics and cybersecurity solutions in the Asia-Pacific region that has the potential to play an important role in helping us achieve our global growth goals,” said Adam Belsher, chief executive officer of Magnet Forensics.

“We’ve fielded significant interest from Australian enterprises and public safety organizations in our digital forensics and incident response solutions. Having a local presence will allow us to support our existing customers and make further inroads into this market,” Belsher said.

What is the adoption rate of Magnet Forensics’ solutions?

Australian government agencies, service providers and enterprises in the healthcare, technology, industrial and education sectors have adopted Magnet AXIOM Cyber, an incident response solution, into their cybersecurity toolkits. This year, two major Australian police agencies adopted Magnet AUTOMATE and Magnet REVIEW respectively.

This growth is being supported by the Aussie govt, which named the country’s cybersecurity sector as being critical to its long-term economic prospects and invested AUS$1.67 billion into it in 2020. Magnet Forensics will look to help enterprises better protect their most valuable assets through the use of Magnet AXIOM Cyber and Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise.

Australia’s public safety companies have shown a commitment to investing in tech, including digital forensics. In February 2021, the New South Wales Police Force unveiled a digital forensics facility — the first of its kind in Australia — for its cybercrime squad investigators.

Australian public safety organisations have voiced interest in Magnet Forensics’ Digital Investigation Suite, comprised of Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet REVIEW and Magnet ATLAS.

Adopting these solutions would allow agencies to keep their digital investigations running 24/7, review evidence remotely and store it in one centralized and secure location. Magnet Forensics’ presence in Australia will enable it to support the deployment of these solutions.

What are the stakeholders’ thoughts on the expansion?

“Public safety agencies and enterprises trust Magnet Forensics because it develops some of the most innovative and powerful digital investigation solutions on the market, while providing exceptional service to its customers. Magnet AXIOM Cyber, in particular, has become a must-have for our Australian customers’ digital forensics and cybersecurity toolkits,” commented George Athanasiou, director at CBIT Digital Forensics Services.

Commenting on the expansion, Sorrell Lambie, the owner of Fulcrum Management said, “We are looking forward to having Magnet Forensics join us in Australia, where we will be able to work more closely together on equipping public safety agencies and enterprises with the innovative solutions they need to protect their communities and digital assets.”