Macquarie Data Centres announces plans to supersize its next data centre to better support hyperscalers and AI

David Hirst, Group Executive at Macquarie Data Centres
David Hirst, Group Executive at Macquarie Data Centres

Macquarie Data Centres, part of Macquarie Technology Group, has announced a major expansion to its next data centre, IC3 Super West. This expansion gives IC3 Super West the potential to increase its IT load to 45 megawatts, a 41% increase from its original plans.

What does the next data centre bring to clients?

The expansion reflects Macquarie Data Centres’ ambitious expansion plans to meet rising demand for power and data-hungry AI workloads in Australia while creating the ideal home for hyperscale cloud customers. IC3 Super West will be able to efficiently support the high densities and multi-megawatt power requirements of new AI chip and server infrastructure.

The state-of-the-art data centre will also have the cooling requirements to match, by optimising the latest in both air and liquid cooling tech. This new data centre will be the third edition to the provider’s Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus in Sydney’s premier North Zone. The increase in planned capacity will mean the total campus IT load could reach 63MW.

What does this mean for Macquarie Data Centres?

Macquarie Data Centres Group Executive, David Hirst, said: “According to CSIRO, the Australian economy could gain A$315 billion by 2028 through the integration of AI. However, unlocking the full potential of AI hinges on the availability of advanced AI-ready data centres.”

“To ensure optimal performance in training and inference of these AI models, we’re designing our upcoming data centres to surpass the demanding requirements for higher densities.”

Macquarie Data Centres’ ambitious growth plans were bolstered by a A$160 million capital raise in June 2023. The Australian data centre provider announced that the capital raise would be put towards its future-focused expansion strategy which involves acquiring sites in Sydney to help accelerate growth and support the artificial intelligence (AI) megatrend. 

Macquarie has time and again voiced its support for artificial intelligence innovation across Australia and is committed to strengthening its sovereign data centre and cloud services operations to facilitate this. The company also recently added two new ultra-secure zones in its existing Sydney and Canberra data centre campus as part of a wider set of upgrades.