Lyka Pet Food acquires The Wholesome Dog, cements leadership in the fresh pet food industry

Lyka a market leader in the fresh pet food segment, with the company serving healthy, human-grade meals to thousands of happy pups across 80% of Australia since 2018.

The fresh pet food segment in Australia has typically been fragmented with a plethora of smaller, localized players.

Lyka Pet Food’s interest in The Wholesome Dog

The acquisition with The Wholesome Dog will boost Lyka’s scale and reach, positioning the company to challenge the traditional, highly processed dog food options available to consumers, and make it easier for dog owners to experience the profound impact a fresh food diet has on a dog’s life and overall health.

Indeed, studies have shown that processed food can have a detrimental effect on the overall health of dogs. Research highlights the dangers of low-quality ingredients and the presence of carcinogens when food is heated at high temperatures, close to 200° Celsius.

In what is predominantly a male-dominated sector, the acquisition between two of the largest players in the fresh pet food space holds particular significance, with both companies featuring female founders – Anna Podolsky at Lyka Pet Food and Sheetal Cicutto at The Wholesome Dog.

These two female entrepreneurs have a passion for dog nutrition and are breaking new ground with their desire to change the pet food landscape to benefit Australian canine companions.

“We are incredibly excited to be merging with The Wholesome Dog. We share the same vision of shaking up the pet food industry and educating dog owners on the benefits of fresh food and the dangers and risks associated with kibble.”

“Our recipes have been meticulously tried and tested, and the results have been undeniable, so we are incredibly excited to extend this experience to customers at The Wholesome Dog and welcome them to the Lyka pack!”, says Anna Podolsky, founder of Lyka Pet Food.

Proudly Australian made and owned, Lyka is on a mission to shake up the AU$3.9 billion Australian pet food industry by flipping the status quo and putting nutrition at the heart of its food rather than shelf life.

Lyka Pet Food to harness The Wholesome Dog

Lyka provides fresh lightly cooked recipes formulated by Integrative Vet using all-natural, human-grade ingredients.

Through leveraging technology, Lyka uses a proprietary algorithm to customize meal plans for each individual dog based on their age, breed, weight, activity level and sensitivities to deliver pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meals direct to their customers’ doors.

The notion of dogs becoming a hugely significant member of the family has increased over the last few years and has increased following the impact of Corona virus (COVID-19) which has seen a sharp increase in dog ownership across Australia,” said Anna Podolsky.

“Today’s dog owners are looking for the same quality of pet food that they would be happy to consume themselves.”

“They are scrutinizing ingredient lists and cooking processes more than ever, all whilst juggling full-time jobs, families and extracurricular activities, resulting in a huge rise in demand for the nutritious food and convenient service that we provide.”

“With an ever-growing number of Australians choosing to shop for their dog food online, we are proud to be able to offer a customized, enjoyable and efficient service.”

Since starting their journey in 2018, Lyka has served over 1 million bowls of its fresh nutritious food to thousands of dogs across the country, including customers and dog rescues, with the company always looking to play its part to help those in need.

With a carefully chosen, research-backed ingredient list, Lyka’s vet-formulated recipes are optimised for canine health and well-being, with each purposeful ingredient hand-picked for their significant benefits.

Sheetal Cicutto, co-founder of The Wholesome Dog says, “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Lyka, who have been a pioneer in disrupting the Australian pet food market.”

“Lyka’s deep expertise in canine nutrition will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality dog food, whilst their scale of operations will allow our customers to enjoy a premium and efficient service.”

“Together with Lyka, we are excited to continue educating Australians on the dangers of pet food that is made for shelf life and put health and nutrition back at the forefront.”

Delicious food is cooking, thousands of tails are wagging and big things are coming.


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