Lumin Sports leverages capital raise to launch into the United States

Ben Tripodi, Chief Executive Officer at Lumin Sports

Lumin Sports, the Adelaide-based athlete performance and wellbeing software start-up, has successfully launched in North America, partnering with five intercollegiate programs in the United States. California State University, California Institute of Technology, Rice University, Houston Baptist University, and Norwich University are leveraging Lumin Sports’ Arc Core platform across their National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) programs.

What does this mean for the sports sector in the US?

Coaches for over 1,000 athletes playing American football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and wrestling will use Arc Core to analyse performance and wellbeing data, enabling them to make better decisions on athletes. Director of Strength and Conditioning at Norwich University, Scott Caulfield, said Arc Core will be a welcome addition to the Cadets’ program.

“It will allow us to create a more holistic approach to the way we manage our student athletes and monitor not only their physical output but there mental wellbeing too. Our athletes are keen to get their hands on the tech and we as staff know the better data we can collect, the better our decisions can be and the faster we can progress,’’ Caulfield said.

We are excited to be one of the first U.S universities to team up with Lumin Sports and it shows our commitment to do everything we can to help our student-athletes succeed.’’

What does the expansion mean for Lumin Sports?

Following the successful uptake of Lumin Sports’ premier data visualisation and wellbeing software offering, Arc, by AFL and A-League clubs, Olympic programs, grand-tour cycling teams and defence programs, Arc Core has been designed for semi-professional teams looking to begin or bolster their data driven decision making. Chief Executive Officer of Lumin Sports, Ben Tripodi, said he’s buoyed by the early adoption of Arc Core in the U.S market.

‘‘I’m elated to see the tech we’ve developed here in Adelaide support emerging talent in the US. We have an opportunity to nurture not only the performance metrics of athletes but their mental wellbeing too and to see Norwich, Cal State, Cal Tech, Rice, and Houston Baptist universities embrace that opportunity is a credit to them and their programs,’’ Tripodi said.

“What we learn from working with these elite organisations will be instrumental in further developing our software to be the best it can,’’ he added. Lumin Sports’ launch in North America follows an oversubscribed $1.15m capital raise earlier this year to fund the venture.