Lukasz Gadowski’s focus on support and investment in existing portfolio as well as own start-ups

“Team Europe” becomes “Team Global“. Due to its increasingly international activities, the company is repositioning itself. The new name is also a sign of the change.

The focus of the company’s activities will be on digital platforms, modern mobility and clean energy. The company will increasingly drive forward its own start-ups in these sectors.

The focus will also be on the companies in the existing portfolio. They will be supported even more intensively in the future and further investments will also be made in them.

What are Team Global’s future plans?

Team Global aims to create large, globally active, independent companies

“The idea when we founded Team Europe in 2008 was to be entrepreneurially active across national borders. We wanted to emphasize and live what unites Europe.”

“In the meantime, Team Europe has become active worldwide and has generated a strong presence in the USA, Asia and Australia in particular.”

“We want to reflect this global presence and our philosophy of connecting people through business in our name. That’s why Team Europe is now renaming itself Team Global,” says Lukasz Gadowski, founder and CEO.

Team Global‘s overarching mission is to make the world a better place through technology.

The aim is not only to support young companies with financial investment, but also to contribute know-how, network and values.

Team Global’s current investments

Lukasz Gadowski has been building or actively supporting startups for 20 years – including DAX-listed Delivery Hero and e-commerce company Spreadshirt.

Team Global’s individual investments range from a few 100,000 euros to 100 million euros.

In addition to digital business models like HMI development company Incari, mobility is another focus. In the aviation sector, Team Global invests in Volocopter in Europe and Archer in the USA, among others.

Team Global also has a stake in Zapata Racing, a French company for innovative individual mobility on water and in the air.

In addition, there are smaller commitments in the supply industry. The Swedish portfolio company X Shore is pioneering e-mobility in the private boating sector.

With the mobility provider Miles Mobility (cars, vans, transporters), the more classic form of locomotion is served. The means of transport are gradually being converted to electric drives.

The micromobility company Bird (e-scooters) enables clean individual locomotion in the so-called last mile. Future-oriented forms of energy generation (Seaborg, HB11, Enpal) and energy storage (Theion) round off the spectrum of investments.