LRN launches innovative solutions to assess ethical culture and bring codes of conduct to life across organizations

LRN Corporation, the world-renown specialist in ethics and compliance solutions that enable companies to inspire principled performance, has launched two innovative solutions – Smart Code and Ethics & Compliance Culture Assessment – that significantly enhance the ability of businesses around the globe to assess their culture and the usability of their code of conduct.

What is the market offering of the new solutions?

Smart Code

Smart Code is designed to bring a firm’s code of conduct to life, going far beyond traditional formats. Smart Code makes it easier for employees to engage with their organization’s code of conduct through a web-based microsite that is intuitive to use, centrally located and WCAG 2.1 accessible. For employers, powerful new Smart Code analytics provide rich data and insights, such as information on platform user visits, page interaction, and search terms.

Using this data and insights, global businesses can now spot and better interpret what employees are prioritizing, allowing teams to understand gaps in their code of conduct and identify risk hotspots. They can now easily benchmark their code against other companies as well as best practices and regulatory expectations, thanks to LRN’s market-leading dataset.

Ethics & Compliance Culture Assessment

In addition, LRN’s new Ethics & Compliance Culture Assessment provides an ongoing 360-degree snapshot of a company’s ethical culture, an important tool in the context of the DOJ’s tightening of corporate compliance guidelines and increased focus on holding companies – and individuals – accountable for having poorly established E&C programs.

The new solution enables E&C leaders to regularly and intentionally assess the organization’s ethical culture through a flexible combination of comprehensive surveys and sorter pulse checks, measuring 10 key dimensions and using a market-tested series of questions.

The rich data is visualized through on-demand reporting and analytics, providing Ethics & Compliance leaders with insight into their culture through summary and detailed results, employee demographic gap analysis and heat maps, industry benchmarks and detailed recommendations for how to respond to the results. Both solutions are available and E&C leaders and managers can sign up for a demo of Smart Code and E&C Culture Assessment.