Lotte Mart switches to Rimini Street support for its Oracle applications

Hyungwook Kevin Kim, Regional General Manager, Korea at Rimini Street
Hyungwook Kevin Kim, Regional General Manager, Korea at Rimini Street

Rimini Street, Inc., a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the renown third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner, has announced that Lotte Mart, a large-scale hypermarket chain in South Korea, has switched to Rimini Street as its Oracle application maintenance support services provider.

Why did Lotte Mart opt for Rimini Street?

Lotte Mart wanted to focus resources on projects related to business growth and needed more practical ERP support to better manage its changing distribution business. Based on the high quality of service provided, Lotte Mart chose Rimini Street to optimize support services.

Lotte Mart’s first store opened in 1998 in Kangbyeon and has since expanded to 175 stores in Korea and abroad. The company today relies heavily upon a customized mass-scale Oracle database to manage its multiple retail stores in different locations, distribution and logistics. Oracle support costs for the database absorbed significant portion of the IT budget.

The satisfaction level of Lotte Mart‘s IT employees increased dramatically after the switch to Rimini Street as the Company responded and provided faster solutions faster than before.

Like other Rimini Street clients, Lotte Mart is assigned a local Primary Support Engineer, with an average of 20 years of experience working with enterprise software and backed by a team of functional and technical engineers. The company also benefits from Rimini Street’s ultra-responsive service level agreement of 10-minute response times for P1 critical cases.

Lotte Mart now plans to focus its IT staff and realized savings towards future investments on transformative initiatives and projects to further drive business innovation. To better support the IT roadmap, Lotte Mart is reviewing plans to adopt Rimini Street to support additional areas of the business and is contemplating its adoption across the entire Lotte Group.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Commenting on the partnership, Jung-soo Pyo, department leader of System Strategy, Lotte Mart said, “Rimini Street has made a detailed analysis of Lotte Mart’s current situation including the necessity to cut cost and services issues with the software vendor’s support program and has instead provided a tailored support service that better meets our needs.”

“After the switch to Rimini Street, we have been able to break free from vendor-oriented service policies and focus on business-oriented services. Work efficiency of IT services have been maximized with a swifter response and support to issues when requested,” said Pyo.

“Lotte Mart has been able to enhance digital competitiveness, break free from the vendor’s upgrade cycle and take back control over its IT roadmap after the switch to Rimini Street Support,” said Hyungwook Kevin Kim, regional general manager, Korea, Rimini Street.

“Rimini Street’s award-winning services powered by our patented AI technology have helped thousands of companies across the globe to significantly cut enterprise software maintenance costs, and with the funds they’ve saved, solve short-term budget problems and invest in digital transformation initiatives that drive competitiveness and growth,” Kim said.