Logsign extends its market reach into Australia with Data Phase partnership

Data Phase will work with Logsign in Australia and Oceania to identify and deliver enhanced protection, real-time monitoring and security intelligence for sensitive organizational data. Logsign announced a new partnership with Australia-based Data Phase. Both firms will focus on opportunities in Australia to deliver enhanced protection for sensitive enterprise data.

What does the partnership mean for clients?

The Partnership will focus on delivering enhanced incident management by allowing the security team to identify an attack’s route across the network, identifying the compromised sources and providing the automated mechanisms to stop the attacks in progress.

Australian firms follow the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) strategies to mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (known collectively as the Essential Eight). In doing so, Logsign is able to help companies to achieve compliance to the Essential Eight through a set of controls that are designed to prevent malware from running and limit the extent of compromise.

What does Logsign bring to the partnership?

Logsign helps companies to improve their cyber resilience through avoiding risks and chaos, besides ensuring compliance with relevant regulations by bringing together all data, threat detection, investigation and incident response capabilities on a single, unified whole platform.

This is achieved through the integration of various native Logsign tools including the following Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence, User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), Threat Detection, Investigation, Response (TDIR).